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Alumere is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as A person who enlightens another. It is an older cognate of the modern word illuminate.

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Alumere is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (O.E.D.) as a person who enlightens another. Its etymology is from the Old French alumer to light, illuminate. It is related to older words such as allumine and alluminate, which is the origin of our modern word illuminate. Illuminate not only means to give light to but also means to shed spiritual light upon; to enlighten spiritually. Here are some examples of its use:

  • 1350   in K. Böddeker Altengl. Dichtungen (1878) 199   Iesu, noþing may be suettere,..Þen þou, so suete alumere [a1400 Hunterian a louere].
  • 2018  A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, quoting Wright’s Lyric Poetry ptg 68:  Noht may be feled lykerusere, Then thou so suete alumere.

Alumere is also an uncommon surname; it is most commonly found in the nation of Estonia. In addition, there is a historical record of four cheques deposited by one J. Alumere in the Report from the Secretary of the Treasury with Monthly Statements of the Bank of the United States dated 5th of May, 1834. Finally, there is also a construction business registered with this name in the Netherlands.

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How can you use the domain Alumere?

Though alumere is a little-known variant of the word illuminate, it can immediately be recognised as a cognate of the illumination. Alumere is a short word that is both brand-able and memorable. Here are some entrepreneurial ideas for this domain:

  1. Use Alumere for a big data software business.
  2. An investigation company to how big data use/manipulate data; a surveillance capitalism watchdog.
  3. A data retrieval business.
  4. A business consultancy firm.
  5. A political think-tank or advocacy group.
  6. An app that brings daily inspiration to illumine someone
  7. Software for mentoring and teaching.
  8. A media company aiming to make people smarter.
  9. A research company for smart medicines such as empathogens or other nootropics.
  10. A mind & body health software business.

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