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The domain Anacelle is available for purchase. Anacelle is a popular feminine name with Latin origins. The words Ancille (Old English), Ancelle (Old French), and Ancilla (Latin)  all share similar meanings of maid, maiden, and handmaiden. It has a similar sound to the name Anabelle, which means ‘beautiful anna’.

In addition, Anacelle could be interpreted as a nacelle. A nacelle is the basket or gondola of a balloon or airship or a streamlined housing on the body or dashboard of a motor vehicle. Nacelle also has its origins from Latin, meaning ‘small boat’.

Here are some further references to Anacelle:

  1. Anacelle was the name of a cyclone in 1998
  2. Anacelle Bautista is an entrepreneur from the Philippines.
  3. L’Anacelle is the name of a membership society in Paris

The diversity of meanings and interpretations for make it a very compelling brand name.

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Why should you buy

  • It is a short, 8 character domain
  • It has the dotcom extension, which is the most sought after of the generic domain extensions.
  • It is an exotic female name, which is great for branding purposes.
  • According to Google Ads Keyword Planner, ‘Anacelle’ gets up to 100,000 searches per month and has medium competition. This means that advertising on this keyword can be cost-effective given the high volume of traffic it brings.
  • has 2 entries in the internet for 2016. Both entries are ‘404 not found pages’ and do not contain any content. The previous owners never had permanent content on the web site, which means that new domains will have a fresh start in reputation. In many cases, search engine optimisers buy expired domains and use them to generate traffic for other sites. This often involves spam or low-quality content. Fortunately, this is not the case with, but every prospective domain buyer should check the domain’s history.
  • is an aged domain; it has 8 years of Whois records and 13 years of nameserver records according to Is speculated that older domains are more desired for their SEO value than newly registered domains.
Google Ads keyword volume for ‘Anacelle’
archive-1024x691-4455337-8164902 has 2 records for Anacelle in 2016, both entries have no content.


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How can you use the domain

Anacelle has a variety of uses for the creative entrepreneur. Here are some business and project ideas:

  1. A personal brand for someone named Anacelle.
  2. A high-end fashion accessory retailer.
  3. A make-up retailer and e-commerce store.
  4. A women’s clothing brand.
  5. Anacelle is a great name for a covered bicycle or electric bike.
  6. For technology, this can be the name of a device that charges batteries (playing off the word cell)
  7. Playing off ‘Nacelle’, this can be a great brand name of a boat or aircraft.
  8. Sell beauty products online.
  9. A perfume fragrance name or perfume retailer.
  10. Women’s eyewear.
  11. Women’s watches and timepieces.
  12. A Stationary store.
  13. A great mobile app name for just about anything.

Buy for $500 USD

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Buy Anacelle on Sedo for $500 USD. 

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