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The domain Avidenda is available for purchase. Avidenda is an invented word, describing things worth seeing.

The root is videnda, which according to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) means: Things worth seeing or which ought to be seen. The ‘a’ forms a prefix with nouns and verb stems, forming adverbs (and derived adjectives and prepositions) expressing activity, position, condition, etc. Now chiefly poetic. Here is an example sentence of its use:

The Mona Lisa, avidenda for its allure, was painted on a cottonwood panel instead of traditional canvas.

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Why buy the domain

  • It is a short, eight-letter domain.
  • It has the prestigious dotcom domain, which is the most desired domain extension.
  • Despite it being an invented word, it is easy to pronounce and spell.
  • The root word vivenda gets up to 1,000 searches a month according to the Google Ads Keyword Planner. It indicates that this word has little competition; this means that advertising as a brand should be cost-effective. It also indicates that it may be able to rank on the term videnda with the proper search engine optimisation efforts.
  • has no previous records in, no previous whois records, and previous no nameserver records. This means the domain has a fresh start and can build its online reputation afresh. Often expired domains are purchased by Search Engine Optimisation specialists, that milk all the search value from a domain to use on another site. Many times this involves spamming and/or putting low-value content on the website. It is important for any domain purchase to evaluate the domain’s content history to make sure that it may not hinder any future efforts for search engine optimisation.
  • is indexed by, search this string “” to see all pages covered by Google. This means there is no associated search penalty on this domain.
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What can you use the domain for?

With a possible definition of something worth seeing, there are many uses for the domain Avidenda:

  1. Create a bricks-and-mortar or virtual art gallery with
  2. Create a high street travel agency named Avidenda.
  3. Create a movie review and/or critique aggregator.
  4. Create an industry rewards website, app, or ceremony that goes by this name.
  5. Create an aggregator of most visited photo sites by Instagrammers.
  6. Create a boutique hotel or resort with the name Avidenda.
  7. Create a unique fashion brand with this name.
  8. Create ethical beauty products with this name.
  9. Create a bucket list app of all the things worth seeing before dying.
  10. Create an Experience app – one that lists all activities and events near you.
  11. Avidenda is a great name for any brand with a visual presence.

Buy for $250 USD

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Buy on Sedo for $250 USD.

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