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Bierware is the German word for ‘Bier Goods’ and may also refer the the ‘beerware’ software license.

The German language domain is for sale. Bierware is translated as “Beer Goods”. This can relate to any accessories to producing beer (such as hops) to drinking beer (like glassware).

Here are some examples of Bierware used in German documents and literature:

  • 1710 Alvearium Curiosarum Scientiarum, Oder Immen-Hauß – Seite 149 Die Dähnen nahmen diese Bedingnuß an und zugleich auch den Nahrungs-Vorrath/ sobald sie aber davon gekostet / fielen sie in einen dermassentieffen Schlaff (dann Wein und Bierware mit SchlafsbeerKrautinfciret)
  • 1734 Historische Nachricht von denen vornehmsten … – Seite 159 IM BUCH GEFUNDEN – SEITE 159 Nov. wurde Fleisch, Bier und Brod von fremden Orten, darunter auch Torgauisch Bierware zur Comüiß angeschafft.
  • 1952 Wirtschaft und Statistik – Volume 4 – SEITE 540 … lose Makkaroni , Griessware , lose Nudeln , Bierware , gepackt Kinderstärkemehl Puddingpulver Suppenwürfel Rois Kaffee – Ersatz Zucker , süsswaren , Kakao , Søhokolade Zucker Marmelade Kuns thonig Bienenhonig Himbeerbonbons

In addition, Bierware can also be the direct translation of the Beerware software license. This type of software license provides the user the right to use the program or change the source code. Here is a quote by Poul-Henning Kamp, one of the originators of this license:

“I have had it with lawyers trying to interpret freedom. If I write software which I intend to give away, I don’t want to have to stick several pages of legalese on it to make sure nobody exploits it or any such meta-bable. If I have decided that I’ll give away some code I’ve written, I going to give it away, period, none of this “unless it is worth a million to somebody” rubbish. I think the GNU license is a joke, it fights the capitalism it so much is against with their own tools, and no company is ever going to risk any kind of proximity to so many so vague statements assembled in a license.”

To read about the history of this license, click here.

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  • It is a short, 8 letter domain
  • It is the desired dotcom extension. With this extension, all German countries can be targeted, and this domain would be geo-trapped by search engines and its local extension such as .de (Germany), .at (Austria),  and .ch (Switzerland)
  • It is easy to say and remember, would be easily understood if heard on the radio.
  • has 25 records between March 19, 2007, and May 31, 2019. This site was utilised as a German version of the Beerware License. There has been no spam recorded on this website.
  • This site has some search engine optimisation value. Using Majestic SEO metrics, this domain has a trust flow (TF) of 10 and citation flow (CF) of 8. This is very good since the trust flow is greater than the citation flow. This is subject to change, but it does indicate there is some SEO value.
  • ‘Bier’ is a high-value term for domains, and have good sale values.
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  • is an aged domain, it has 13 years of whois records and 14 years of nameserver records. Some speculate that aged domains are easier to rank in search results that a domain that has just been registered.
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With the booming craft beer market, Bierware will an especially popular keyword to meet demand from German consumers. Here are some ideas for this domain:

  1. Sell Beer Goods online: Glassware, coasters, mugs and beer steins are all popular items.
  2. Sell Beer Brewing goods online: Barley, Hops, Yeasts and various adjuncts are in great demand by both professionals and homebrewers.
  3. Sell Beer Equipment: Fermenters, kegs, bottles, caps, cans, and other brewery goods.
  4. This would also be a great name for BrewPub and/or Microbrewery.
  5. Set up a self brewing facility allowing homebrewers to brew their recipes with local experts.
  6. In the spirit of the Beerware software license, set up a tech incubator for unique software ideas.
  7. Use Bierware for a cold storage facility for kegs and casks
  8. Set up a brewers cooperative with
  9. Bierware is a great name for a beer distribution network.
  10. Create an eCommerce store for beer (or niche to German beer only!)
  11. Create a beer-of-the-month club for different beer

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