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We are pleased to offer the domain for sale on Brandbucket for $3295 USD. Please visit to buy the domain is a superb domain for many categories, including personal savings, financial institutes, consumer reports, product price aggregators, e-commerce comparison, public spending watchdog groups and much more.

The root words come from clear and penny. Clear in this instanced can be defined as easily heard, visible, and discernible.  Penny is a money unit of 1/100 of a commonwealth dollar (and British Pound). It is derived from Middle English, from Old English penning, penig; akin to Old High German pfenning, a coin.

Why buy

  • is dotcom domain, the .com extension is amongst the most desired universal domain extensions.
  • is a short domain, its only 10 characters. Shorter domains are easier to remember and have a higher value.
  • has been saved 4 times between February 7, 2011, and February 9, 2016, in the internet archive ( There is only one page that has content, which is a domain holding page from the registrar Godaddy. This is good because sites with low-quality content such as spam or adult content can hinder future search engine optimisation attempts.
  • According to, has 12 years of internet history; this includes 12 years for nameserver and IP address history, and 12 years of historical whois recorders. This makes ClearPenny an aged domain; many speculate that aged domains have a small SEO advantage over domains registered for the first time; this is because there already is a history for this domain recorded making it easier for search engines to validate the site.
  • “Clear Penny”, according to the Google Keyword planner, gets between 20 searches per month with high competition. This means that the domain can get as least as many searches a month with little search engine optimisation. Given that it has high competition, it shows that terms with ‘clear penny’ are in high demand.
  • The valuation of ClearPenny by shows that the current price is well below market value, and a good deal. Domains with beginning the word ‘Clear’ have sold upwards of $80,000 within the last 5 years. Similarly, domains with the word ‘Penny’ as sold as $6,800 in the last 5 years.
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clearpenny google search volume
“clear penny” Google search volume namebio valuation Namebio valuation for domains contain ‘penny’ namebio valuation Namebio valuation for domains beginning with ‘clear’

How can you use is a superb domain for many brands and startups. Here is a shortlist of ideas for ‘Clear Penny’:

  1. Use for personal savings websites; use it for people who want to learn tips and tricks for saving money.
  2. You can use this domain for a tax software brand.
  3. Use Clear Penny for an accountancy firm for small businesses.
  4. Use Clear Penny for a tax brokerage service.
  5. Use for Financial service consultancy.
  6. Use for an investment firm.
  7. Use for a banking app comparing banks
  8. Use for a website that compares interests rates across banks and investment services.
  9. Use for product aggregation tool, where the goal is to show the best price possible.
  10. Use for an ethical product tool price aggregator, to show which products are the most environmentally friendly.
  11. Use as consumer reports tool, to review products in a fair way.

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credits and references:

  • Photo by Olya Adamovich
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