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We are pleased to offer the domain for sale for $2500 USD. This domain can be bought on Sedo. is a great, short domain name that can be used for multiple applications including cold storage, refrigeration, ice making solutions, outerwear, winter-wear, outdoor products, winter gear, winter appliances, outdoor gaming, cold weather safety, social media (as in hashtags) and much more!

Cold as described by the Oxford English Dictionary means Significant lowness of temperature; lack of heat in an object or a substance.

Tag has several definitions including to mark with a tag, a game played by children, or small pendent piece or part hanging from, or attached more or less loosely to the main body of anything. With numerous specific applications.

Why buy

  • is a dotcom domain, the most desired generic domain extension.
  • The domain is only 7 characters long. The shorter the domain is, the more valuable it is.
  • passes the radio test; if you heard this domain mentioned on the radio, you can easier remember it and write it down correctly.
  • is composed of common dictionary terms, giving the domain versatility.
  • ColdTag has 14 years of history, including 14 years of nameserver records and 12 years of whois registry records according to (
  • Domains with the keyword ‘cold’ have sold between $3,000 and $12,000 USD according to Similarly, domains that start with ‘tag’ have also sold between $3,000 and $13,000 according the same website.
  • As a keyword “coldtag” gets up to 100 searches a month according the Google Keyword Planner.
‘tag’ keyword domain sale history.
‘cold’ keyword domain sales
coldtag search volume according to the google keyword tool

How can you use the domain

  1. Use for winter clothes website
  2. Use ColdTag for social media software
  3. Use for refrigeration units
  4. Use for air conditioning units
  5. Use for a winter sports website
  6. Use for ice making equipment
  7. Use for a cold weather warning app
  8. Use for ecommerce aggregator for winter goods and gear
  9. Use as a site for Outdoor equipment and tools.
  10. Use as software for climate control.

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Credits and references:

image credit Giovanni Bianchi @giovannibianchi

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“tag, n.1”. OED Online. December 2020. Oxford University Press. (accessed January 26, 2021).