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The root of the word is from comet;  cometical is actually a rare Oxford English Dictionary word that is defined as the following:

figurative. Designating something likened to a comet, esp. in being portentous, brilliant, or transient.

The word first appears in the English language in 1652 and is derived from the post-classical Latin cometicus.  But far from being obsolete, the word was published as recently as 2009 the book Darwin in Galápagos: Footsteps to a New World:

… you speak of is expected in 1835, according to calculation—but it seems very doubtful whether the calculation is correct— The papers of course talk nonsense about it, but it is really something out of the ordinary cometical occurrences.

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  • Cometical is dotcom domain, the .com extension is amongst the most desired universal domain extensions.
  • is a short domain, its only 8 characters. Shorter domains are easier to remember and have a higher value.
  • is a dictionary word, it can be found in the Oxford English dictionary (see credits and references).
  • Cometical has been saved 3 times between March 11, 2011, and May 14, 2011, in During this time it was used as runescape forum, there is no indication of this domain being previously used for spam or any other low-quality content. This is good because poor quality content can inhibit future search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts for the domain.
  • According to, has 15 years of internet history; this includes 15 years for nameserver and IP address history, and 9 years of historical whois recorders. This makes cometical an aged domain; many speculate that aged domains have a small SEO advantage over domains registered for the first time; this is because there already is a history for this domain recorded making it easier for search engines to validate the site.
  • Cometical, according to the Google Keyword planner, gets between 10-100 searches per month with low competition. This means that the domain can get as least as many searches a month with little search engine optimisation.
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How can you use is a superb domain for many brands and startups. Here is a short list of ideas for cometical:

  1. Use for an outdoor and camping equipment brand
  2. You can use this domain for astronomy products such as telescopes, binoculars, and specialised camera lenses.
  3. Use cometical for a navigation system or navigation tools. These can range from anything to GPS systems to bespoke compasses.
  4. Use cometical for an astrological service such as personalised horoscopes or forecasts.
  5. Use for transport and shipping services.
  6. Use cometical for a fireworks brand or firework celebration service.
  7. Use cometical for a startup in the aerospace industry – such as satellites, rocketry, or space exploratory services.
  8. This domain also works well for an automotive brand such as an electric vehicle or other modes of transportation which use renewable energy.
  9. Use cometical for public relations firm, or an agency for celebrities and athletes.
  10. Use cometical for fitness product; either a specialised exercise device or a fitness or diet routine.

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credits and references:

  • logo by brandpa.
  • “cometical, adj.”. OED Online. September 2020. Oxford University Press. (accessed October 28, 2020).
  • 1652   T. Peters Remedie against Ruine sig. A4   For most of them know, what places he hath lived in, he hath appeared cometicall, carrying a Titio of Contention in the tail.