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brandbuck-buynowWe are pleased to offer the domain for sale on Brandbucket for $1995 USD. Please visit to buy the domain directly. is a superb domain for many categories, including electronics, computers, gadgets, electricians, programming, API developers, robotics, DIY projects, Raspberry PI projects, tech news, tech social media, and golfing.

The name socketer can relate to any variety sockets, but socketer actually has a definition in the Oxford English Dictionary in reference to Golf:

2. Golf. To strike (the ball) inadvertently off the socket or heel of a club; to make (a shot) in this way.

Why buy

  • is dotcom domain, the .com extension is amongst the most desired universal domain extensions.
  • is a short domain, its only 8 characters. Shorter domains are easier to remember and have a higher value.
  • has been saved 21 times between April 3, 2013, and May 19, 2019. in the internet archive ( There is no content on the saved pages. This is good because sites with low-quality content such as spam or adult content can hinder future search engine optimisation attempts.
  • According to, has 10years of internet history; this includes 10 years for nameserver and IP address history, and 10 years of historical whois recorders. This makes an aged domain; many speculate that aged domains have a small SEO advantage over domains registered for the first time; this is because there already is a history for this domain recorded making it easier for search engines to validate the site.
  • “Socketer”, according to the Google Keyword planner, gets between 720 searches per month with low competition. This means that the domain can get as least as many searches a month with little search engine optimisation.
  • The valuation of Socketer by shows that the current price is placed at market level. Domains with socket in them have sold for $2,000 USD in the last 5 years according to sales reported by domaintools server history. DomainTools server history.
'socket' namebio purchase history - domains with 'socket' in them.
‘socket’ Namebio purchase history – domains with ‘socket’ in them.
socketer search volume according to Google Keyword Tool.

How can you use is a superb domain for many brands and startups. Here is a short list of ideas for ‘Clear Penny’:

  1. Use for Golfing Service such as swing training.
  2. Use as an electronics store or electronics brand.
  3. Use Socketer as an e-commerce store for computers and laptops.
  4. Use Socketer as an electronic gadgets store
  5. Use for electrician service or electrical engineering firm.
  6. Use for a programming consultancy or contracting service.
  7. Use for an API developing service.
  8. Use for a robotics manufacturer or service.
  9. Use for Do-it-Yourself projects, particularly those that involve computing hardware or electrical work.
  10. Use for Raspberry PI projects.
  11. Use for tech news or social media

Buy  for $1,995.

Socketer is hosted and evaluated independently at BrandBucket– their in-house evaluation determine the price on several factors which may include:

  • domain extension (typically dotcom)
  • syllables, character count,  and pronunciation
  • domain age
  • domain categories and styles.

In addition – the branding for Socketer was designed at BrandBucket by one of their expert designers.

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credits and references:

  • Photo by Monofocus
  • “socket, v.”. OED Online. September 2020. Oxford University Press. (accessed November 29, 2020).