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The domain Childity is available for purchase on the domain broker Brandpa for $2,000 USD. Childity is a made-up word consisting of ‘child’ and the suffix ‘ity’. ‘Ity’ is a suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing state or condition. In this case, we can define childity as the state of being a child.

In addition, the term has been used in advertising studies on differences between children and adults (see references below), particularly on behavioural studies of child consumption:

In her visual study of advertising, Johan Sjoeberg (2013: 55-57) offers two concepts which assist us in moving beyond the dichotomy of childhood and adulthood and to recognise age related divisions as cultural constrictions: “childity” and “adulty”

Childity can be used for many purposes, including: reviews website, a shop comparison website, Childcare company, Clothes retailer, Childcare services, Gamification platform, Accessories store,  E-commerce retailer and more!

Why buy

  • It is only 8 characters long; generally, the shorter the domain, the better it is.
  • It is a dot com domain, the .com is most universal and recognised of all domain extensions.
  • Childity has no records found in, this is good as it also indicates that the domain was never used for nefarious purposes such as spam. Having spotty history could hurt a domains chances at good search engine optimisation.
  • Childity, according to the website history tool, has 7 years of whois and nameserver records. This makes childity and older domain. Some Search Engine Optimisation specialists speculate that aged domains have a slight edge of brand new domains when it comes to ranking in search engines.
  • While Childity is a made-up word, the root keyword ‘child’ is a very popular search term according to the Google Keyword Planner. The keyword ‘child’ gets anywhere between 100,000 to 1,000,000 searches per month.
  • In terms of domain sales – domains ending in ‘ity’ have been very high ticket items, selling in well over six figures. Domains that contain the word child have also sold very well, some selling for over $25,000 USD. This makes Brandpa’s evaluation of $6745 very competitive.
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Namebio domain sales of domains containing child.
Namebio domain sales that end in ‘ity’

How can you use the domain Childity?

Childity is a great brand name for youth and those young at heart. Here are some ideas for childity business or startup:

  1. Use for children’s clothing brand
  2. Use Childity for a toy company
  3. Use as a daycare centre
  4. Use Childity for a paediatric hospital or medical service.
  5. Use Childity as a app or game for young children’s learning
  6. Use Childity as an online gaming centre for children
  7. Use Childity as mental health system to keep persons of all ages thinking young.
  8. Use Childity for an educational programme for children
  9. Use Childity as an outdoor adventure company for children
  10. Use Childity as a tool to bring younger and older generations together.

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References and Credits:

  • Family theme parks, happiness and children’s consumption: From roller-coasters to Pippi Longstocking By David Cardell · 2016
  • Children in visual culture; “childity” as a theoretical and methodological concept Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse (Linköping)2014-11 to 2014-11