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sedo-buynow is for sale. Commute is derived from the Latin ‘com’ for altogether and ‘mutare’, for change. It is commonly defined as travel back and forth regularly (as between a suburb and a city). It can also mean to exchange, to convert, or to change. The segways can be designated for both commute and due to the implicit .rs domain hack.

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Why buy

  • It is a domain hack that can be composed of two words: commute and commuters
  • It is a short and easy domain to remember
  • Google Ads suggest that the keyword commute gets between 100,000 and 1,000,000 searches monthly
  • Keyword Keg estimates that the keyword value (volume * cost per click) is $245,000 monthly.
  • Google Ads, Keyword Keg, and SpyFu show that despite the volume, competition is low for paid ads on this term.
  • Currently there no pages archived in the Wayback machine (only the robot.txt file). This shows that the site was never used for spam such as adult or gambling sites. The new owner of this domain will have a fresh start with nothing weighing down the site’s reputation.
  • is indexed by Google, meaning there is no index related penalties.
  • According to, there are 8 years of whois records and 5 years of nameserver histories. Older domains have a slightly better chance at search engine optimisation than domains that are registered for the very first time.
Google Ads Search Volume
Keyword Keg Values
SpyFu USA keyword data

How can I use

  1. This is a great domain for virtual conferencing
  2. It can be used for alternative transportation
  3. Sell commuter bikes – such as electric bikes
  4. Sell or rent segways with
  5. Use to sell or rent electric skateboards
  6. Use to sell or rent electric scooters
  7. Advertise a commuter flight service
  8. A rideshare service
  9. A rental car company that charges by the hour
  10. A car brand that specialises in city commutes

Before you consider buying, please read below.

It is important that you check trademarks in your country and in your business classification before buying this domain.

  • In the USA, please check ‘’ and US Government Trademark site. Otherwise, check the registrars in your country. This website is a useful resource:
  • To understand trademark classifications, watch this youtube video. The aforementioned video shows how the same trademarks can exist across different verticals or classifications.
  • Do yourself a favour and learn about  ‘trademark bullying‘ by reading this article. Here are some common trademark bullying tactics listed on the web site: – Demands that the alternative owners cease with the trademark in significantly different products or services. – Declares (wrongly) that it has a monopoly over the mark. – Subversively expands its services or products to declare it has a right over other classifications, despite any evidence of this. – A trademark bully may be misguided in their belief that their trademark is too famous, and asserts that other trademarks in different classifications hurt their brand.

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