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sedo-buynowThe domain is available for purchase. Demitre is a masculine name, and is the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek male given name Dēmḗtrios (Δημήτριος), meaning “devoted to Demeter”. It is a variation of the name Dmitry.  Demeter was the Greek goddess of harvests and the fertility of the earth. Demitre is also a name of historical importance; Demitre was an Albanian count under the Catalan dominion. As well as a surname, reports Demitre as a surname in the United States, holding 464 documents with this name. reports that Argentina has the highest prevalence of this surname.

According to Google Trends, the name Dmitre is most popular in Canada, Netherlands, Brazil, the United States and France.

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Why buy the domain name

  • It is a short name of only 7 characters
  • It has the dotcom extension, which is the most popular generic domain name extension.
  • It is easy to recognise, and a variation of a popular male name. Google Trends shows that this is a popular name in Canada, Netherlands and the United States.
  • Demitre gets between 100-1000 searches per month according to Google Adwords Planner.
  • Demitre has no pages recorded in; it does have 15 captures for its robots.txt from Jan 13, 2005, to Oct 23, 2007. The robots.txt indicates that this domain was parked by a registrar. This is good news, it means that the domain has a fresh start in reputation.  Domains that held spam or adult material could cause future problems for search engine optimisation. In this case, there is no such problem with
  • has 15 years of nameserver records according to This would make it an aged domain; some speculate that older domains are better for search engine optimisation than domains that have registered for the first time.
  • is indexed by Indexing is an indication that there are no search penalties issued by Google.
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Google Trends Data on ‘Demitre’
demitre-com_-5721375-3990993 domain history report for


What can you use the domain for?

Being a male name, the domain Demitre can take on any personality you like! Here are a few business ideas and projects for the domain:

  1. Buy because it is your name or invest in the domain for your child with this name.
  2. Create an upscale e-store for upscale men’s clothes and accessories.
  3. Create a men’s cologne brand with
  4. Create all-natural men’s health products with the domain name.
  5. Create an all-natural vodka or grain alcohol brand.
  6. Create an online grocery store with grain products.
  7. Create software or an app for the farming industry with
  8. Establish a bakery using only organic grains with this name.
  9. Create an outdoor sports brand with
  10. Create natural grooming products for men with this name.

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