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sedo-buynow is available for purchase. Elenorah is considered a variation of Eleanor, and even the combined name of Eleanor and Norah.

Eleanor has its roots in France, and its origins are apocryphal; it is believed that it comes from alia Aenor, which means the ‘other Aneor’. It is assumed that this came about when the daughter of Aneor was given the same name, and this later became the name Eleanor. The first record of this name was Eleanor of Aquitaine who was the daughter of Aénor de Châtellerault. The origins of Aenor are obscure as well, some suggest the it is formed from the Germanic name Adenordis, which means nobel (from adel or edel) and north (nordis).

Nora (or Norah), which constitutes the latter part of the name, is a popular feminine name that has roots from the latin word honoria. Both Eleanor and Nora are popular girls. In 2017, Nora ranked 28th most popular girl’s name in the United States, and in 2018, Eleanor ranked as the 32nd most popular girl’s name in the same country.

Eleanor Ranked by the US Social Security Stats:
Nora Ranked by the US Social Security Stats:
nora-behindthe-name-1024x568-9209436-3841756 historical popularity for Nora
elenor-behind-the-name-1024x541-5601639-3161969 historical popularity for Nora

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  • It is easy to pronounce, and it is instantly recognisable as a variation of a popular girl’s name.
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  • Elenorah had 19 records between December 21, 2014, and January 4, 2019, in The records show that a French fashion blog was used for this domain until 2018, then it became an Italian wedding band website, and the last record for shows a domain parking page.
  • has some search engine optimisation (SEO) history behind it. Using the popular metrics for SEO by, Elenorah has 4 domains linking to it, a Trust Flow of 4, and a Citation Flow 5. Its Trust Flow ratio is .8, which is considered slightly better than average (average being .5, where >1 is considered excellent).  Though the site does not have enough SEO strength to be used for a private blog network (PBN);  it does have some SEO history which means that link building will not be starting from zero.
  • has 6 years of whois and nameserver records. Some say domains with age are better for search engine optimisation than domains that are registered for the first time.
The Trust and Citation flow from
The Anchor Text used in the backlinks for
An examination of 4 links going to from
wayback-1024x764-1086515-6879716 as a former fashion blog as recorded on


elenorah-9287360-7261810 – domain age summary for


What can you use for?

In its previous life, Elenorah was a fashion blog and wedding ring site.  The site can be reused for such sites, or be utilised for a brand new purpose, such as:

  1. A personal brand for someone named Elenorah.
  2. A high-end fashion accessory retailer.
  3. A make-up retailer and e-commerce store.
  4. A women’s clothing brand.
  5. A women’s online magazine.
  6. An Etsy crafts store.
  7. A youtube channel for fashion & beauty.
  8. Sell beauty products online.
  9. A perfume fragrance name or perfume retailer.
  10. Women’s eyewear.
  11. Women’s watches and timepieces.
  12. A Stationary store.

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Buy on Sedo for $1000 USD. 

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