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Featherdom is available for purchase. Featherdom, as taken from the Oxford English Dictionary (O.E.D.), means the realm of the feathered creatures. It is a combination of feather and dom; a suffix forming nouns that refer to domain, rank, or general condition. An example of its use can be found in the following texts:

  • 1885   Harper’s Mag. Dec. 80/1   May they not be gathering the latest news from all featherdom?
  • 1887 Happy Hunting-grounds William Hamilton Gibson 34 For fodder ? perish the thought ! They are messengers from the chippering colony in yonder evergreens , and they gather the latest news from featherdom
  • 1879 Contemporary Review – Volume 36   23 Besides the ostrich, the rhea, cassowary, and emeu are included within the group; also the small and nocturnal Apterya of New Zealand and those giants of featherdom, the huge species of dinornis, all also of New Zealand and all now extinct.
  • 2020 The Birds about Us  Charles C. Abbott   12 because the thrush is more widely known than the diver, we will reverse the plan, and starting with the birds that are the climax of avian development, glide leisurely (and pleasantly, I hope) to that fag-end of featherdom,

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  • It is a combination of two popular terms feather and dom
  • It is easy to remember, especially if heard on the radio.
  • It just short enough at 10 characters long.
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How to use

  1. An information website for bird lovers
  2. A bird identifying app
  3. A feather identifying app
  4. A bird sanctuary or estuary.
  5. An animal rights site for birds
  6. An e-commerce site for bird food and feed
  7. Sell birdfeeders online
  8. Sell custom birdhouses online.
  9. Sell custom bird cages or bird carriers online.
  10. A company that specialises in how to build aviaries and bird sanctuaries.
  11. A site for ethical feather related products which may include diapers, filters, insulation, upholstery padding, paper and even clothing.
  12. Use Featherdom to sell bird feed, birdseed, and/or bird treats online.

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Credits and References:

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