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The domain is for sale. Although Federable is not a dictionary word, it is a word that is used often in software development. Federable means able to be used in unison, harmony, or in concert.

Federable is derived from federal – which means a form of government that has a central authority while retaining some autonomy for territorial units.

For software, this means that programs can run in conjunction with other programs. This means that software programs are interoperable can share data and knowledge between them.

A popular use of federable software is known as the Fediverse. The fediverse is a portmanteau of federated and universe. The fediverse is a collection of interconnected servers used for web publishing and file hosting. While independently hosted, they can still communicate and interact with one another.

From the book XML Topic Maps, here is a description of how federated software can be used:

These diverse sources may not even know about each other, much less deliberately design their products in such a way to make them “federable” (this is, usuable in concert) with one another. This is what the top maps paradigm is all about: making diverse metadata source more or less automatically federable.

Why by the domain

  • Federable is a dotcom domain, which is the most recognised and valued domain extension.
  • It is a short 9 letter domain that is easily spelt and pronounced.
  • has 8 records in dating from 2011 – 2018. The available records show that was used for a domain parking page for Huge domains. There is no evidence that was used for spam which could hurt future search engine optimisation campaigns.
  • According to, has 10 years of historical whois records including nameserver, registrar and IP changes. This makes Federable an older domain. Domains that are older are said to be better for search engine optimisation than domains that have been registered for the very first time.
  •, a site that records historical sales of websites shows that in recent years domains with the keyword ‘federal’ have sold for more than $9,000 USD. Similarly, domains that end ‘able’ have been very popular, selling for more than $20,000 USD.
Dotcom Domain name sales ending in ‘able’
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How can you use the domain

Federable is a brandable name that is easily recognised by both software developers and government groups. Here are business or startup ideas for using

  1. Use for an open-source software project
  2. Use as an instance in the fediverse
  3. Use for your computer networking business
  4. Use for your cloud server or Kubernetes business.
  5. Use Federable as a name for your software or networking consulting business
  6. Use as a startup name for an entrepreneurial server hardware business.
  7. Use for your new business for IOT (Internet of Things).
  8. Use Federable as an eCommerce store supplying mobile phone parts to build your own mobile communication devices.
  9. Use Federable for Government consultancy group.
  10. Use Federable as a think tank name for politics and software
  11. Use Federable to be used as a blockchain company.

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