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Fire is a versatile word that can be used both a noun and a verb; antlers are an ancient symbol of power and work well with masculine brands.

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  • It’s a dotcom domain that is only 10 characters long
  • has no entries for, meaning there is no spam content associated with the domain.
  • Fire and Antler are both high volume keywords, getting up to 10 million and 1 million searches a month, respectively. This is according to Google Keyword Planner.
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  • Domains that contain the word ‘fire’  have a very high value (as high as $42,800 USD) according to research on the domain sale history website This makes the brandpa valuation very reasonable. See screenshot below for more information.
NameBio domain sale history for domains that contain the keyword ‘fire’

How can you use is a unique and brandable domain that has many uses, here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Use for an alcohol-related brand (think of Jaegermeister). This can also be a spiced alcoholic beverage as well.
  2. Use as a natural energy drink.
  3. Use FireAntler as a design firm, show off your portfolio.
  4. Use FireAntler as the name for your farm or agricultural business.
  5. FireAntler works well for any deer-related health products such as staghorn velvet.
  6. FireAntler can work well for any radio-controlled device since antlers can be seen as antennae. FireAntler can be a universal controller for a fleet of drones.
  7. FireAntler can be used for connectivity of devices, such as fireport, usb3, or bluetooth.
  8. FireAntler can be used as a short-range communication device for your mobile phone when the internet is not available.
  9. FireAntler is a superb name for a biotech startup.
  10. FireAntler would serve well as an eco-friendly tech site; such as a site that does reviews of how eco-friendly tech companies are.
  11. FireAntler is a great name for video game developing company, particularly one that develops fantasy and role-playing games.
  12. could be a great tool for any app or software that deals with wildfires in real-time.
  13. FireAntler can be used for an alternate energy company, particularly energy-efficient wood stoves that can produce electricity.  for only $1,000.00 is hosted and evaluated independently at Brandpa – their in-house evaluation determine the price on several factors which may include:

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