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The domain is available for purchase. Fire Nook is an alternative word for hearth, fireplace, or chimney.  It can be used for both indoor and outdoor fire pits. In addition, both ‘fire’ and ‘nook’ are high trafficked search terms, and when put together, they can form a memorable brand name. It has been used in literature for over 300 years, here are some examples that have been used in print:

  • 1683 J. Norris Murnival of Knaves 23 His Man i’th’ fire-nook, who heard all, With Patience very great, not small, Told’s Master more, no doubt, than all.
  • 1845 R. W. Hamilton Inst. Pop. Educ. ii. 21 Their huts are seen and their fire-nooks exposed.
  • 1909  An American Princess, William Tillinghast Eldridge 121 With a cry Polly shrank back against the fire nook and pointed toward the window at the far end of the room.
  • 2012. Catt Kingsgrave, One Saved to the Sea. 34 “Well my girl, you were right about your da,” she said, tipping a nod toward the fire nook across the room, where Mansie Meur seemed intent upon getting at something up the flue, despite the tidy summertime fire going there.
  • 2013 Timaru (N.Z.) Herald (Nexis) 31 Aug. 34 The private courtyard provides shelter for the outdoor fire nook, barbecue area and fully secured and heated in-ground swimming pool.

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Why buy the domain

  • It is a short 8 character domain.
  • It has the sought after dotcom extension; this is the most desired and valuable of all generic extensions.
  • It is memorable, easily recognised, and passed the radio test: it can be understood and jotted down if heard on the radio.
  • Firenook gets up to 1,000 searches per month according to Google Ads Keyword Planner. It has low competition, which means that brand advertising should be cost-effective.
  • ‘Fire’ and ‘Nook’ are very high-value keywords for domains, which means the potential resale is very high.
  • has one entry in This is a domain parking page by Godaddy in 2011. This shows that the domain was never developed into a fully functioning site. This is good news, it means that there is no history of spam, low-value content, or adult and/or illicit material on the domain. It is often the case that search engine specialists use expired domains as backlinks to add value to other sites. Sometimes this can damage the site’s reputation because of the spammy content they may use for search engine optimisation. It is always important to check the history of the domain when possible.
  • FireNook is an aged domain; it has 11 years of whois and nameserver records. Some speculate that the older domains have more value to search engines over domains that have been registered for the first time.
  • is indexed by, to see all the pages in the search engine, type ‘’ in the search box. Pages that indexed by Google reveal there are no search penalties.
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How can you use the domain

The domain can have multiple purposes. Here are some ideas for businesses or projects:

  1. A fireplace specialist or renovator can use this domain to great effect.
  2. A cabin or tiny home builder, whose focus is on central fireplaces.
  3. An interior designer specialising in living areas and hearths.
  4. An architect who specialises in cosy, comfortable homes.
  5. A landscape designer who designs outdoor fire pits.
  6. A manufacturer of boutique fireplace accessories, such as mantelpieces, bellows, or fire pokers.
  7. An online gift shop that specialises in home and garden products.
  8. An online Christmas or winter gifts store.
  9. Sell luxurious camping goods for ‘glampers’ online.
  10. A name for an alcoholic beverage brand, one that can be sipped next to a fire, or has warming properties.
  11. A name for an electronic reading device that can be recharged by ambient heat.
  12. A name for a boutique hotel or accommodation that features a fire nook.
  13. A great name for a restaurant that features a fireplace.

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How did we come up with this price? We carefully evaluated based on several factors, some of which include:

  • Domain name extension
  • Length of domain and characters used
  • Similar domain sales.
  • Domain age and history
  • Keywords in the domain: this may include the following: search volume, cost per click, dictionary coverage, and/or multi-lingual coverage.

Tools used for this evaluation may include Majestic SEO, DomCop, Google Ads Keyplanner, SpyFu, Keyword Keg, DomainTools,, and

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