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sedo-buynow is for sale. is a fun variant of the informal Flauschi, which means cute, cuddly, and fluffy. The root word is Flausch, which means fleece. Buy from Sedo for $250 USD.

Why Buy

  • It is a short 7 letter domain
  • While the extension .ee is a domain hack, it is very easy to spell and say on the radio.
  • According to Google Keyword Planner: Flausch & Flauschi get 100-1000 searches; similarly, Flauschig gets 1000-10000 searches a month. All of these terms can be used as keywords for
  • The competition is low to medium for these terms, meaning that the site will be easier to optimise than for other sites.
  • has no history of spam, gambling, or adult sites on, meaning that the site is given a fresh start in reputation.
  • is indexed by Google, showing that there are no search indexing penalties.
Google Search Volumes
Google Trends Flausch, Flauschig, Flauschi


What can I use for?

This is a feel-good domain for anyone who loves animals:

  1. Use for veterinarian practices
  2. Use for dog daycare services
  3. Use for dog grooming services
  4. Use for dog grooming products like brushes or shampoos
  5. Zoos or Petting Zoos
  6. Use for fluffy dog breeds (chow-chows, keeshond, shelties)
  7. Use for fluffy cat breeds.
  8. Create a fan site for fluffy animals, like cuteoverload.
  9. Create a meme-generator for cute animals
  10. For online pet shows and events.

Buy for $250 USD

How did we come up with this price? We carefully evaluated based on several factors, some of which include:

  • Domain name extension
  • Length of domain and characters used
  • Similar domain sales.
  • Domain age and history
  • Keywords in the domain: this may include the following: search volume, cost per click, dictionary coverage, and/or multi-lingual coverage.

Tools used for this evaluation may include Majestic SEO, DomCop, Google Ads Keyplanner, SpyFu, Keyword Keg, DomainTools,, and

Buy from Sedo for $250 USD.

Here are some fun memes before you leave this site: