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The domain is available for purchase. Hammoque is an invented word and is an alternate and fanciful spelling of hammock. Hammock, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), is a hanging bed, consisting of a large piece of canvas, netting, etc. suspended by cords at both ends; used esp. by sailors on board ship, also in hot climates or seasons on the land. The etymology of this word comes from the Spanish hamaca of Carib origin; also compare it the French hamac. Other spellings include hamock, hammacho, hammoq, and hammok.

The ‘que’ is a phoneme of ‘k’; A phoneme is a sound or a group of different sounds perceived to have the same function by speakers of the language or dialect in question. English has several words with the phoneme of ‘que’: unique, queue, bouquet, and plaque are examples. For hammoque, the ‘ck’ spelling is replaced by the ‘que’ spelling, but the word retains the same pronunciation. gives a business a very memorable brand name that sticks out from the plain spelling of hammock, with the prestige and authority of a dotcom domain.

reference: “hammock, n.”. OED Online. June 2020. Oxford University Press. (accessed July 07, 2020).

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Why buy

  • Its is a dotcom domain, the most sought after of all the generic domain extensions, and a great extension for selling things.
  • It is only 8 characters long
  • Despite the alternative spelling, the domain is easily recognised and pronounced as hammock.
  • Hammoque is a unique word that currently doesn’t have much search history. This is great for branding, it means that no one is using this identity yet, and the advertising costs would be very low on this spelling. In Google Ads Keyword Planner, the common term hammock gets up to a 1,000,000 searches per month and is very competitive.
  • SpyFu, using United States data, only suggests the keyword ‘hammock’ gets 26,000 clicks per month and has the average cost per click of $0.88. There are 9 paid advertisers for the word ‘hammock’. In the US, Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart are currently at the top of Google organic search results.
  • KeywordKeg shows that ‘hammock’ gets 450,000 searches per month and has a value (which is cost per click times volume) of $256,000.
  • In, there is no content history for the domain and has no whois records or nameservers prior to its current registration. This is great for a new site starting out, as it means the site has not been used for any other purpose. Often, SEO consultants will use expired domains to leverage its search engine strength to others; in more cases than not, it involves spam. This can hurt the sites future chance in search engine optimisation, so it best to audit the history of any domain you wish to purchase.
  • is indexed by, you can check this by querying the phrase “site:hammoque” in the Google search engine. This means that there are no search penalties for the domain
Google Ads Keyword planner hammock and hammoque volumes

Keyword Keg data for hammock
SpyFu USA data for hammock
SpyFu USA organic results for hammock



How can you use the domain

This domain can be used for hammocks and so much more. Here are some ideas for creating a business or project with this domain:

  1. The obvious: rebrand your hammock business to
  2. Sell camping and trekking goods via
  3. Sell home and garden products with
  4. Sell travel packages to sunny areas with this domain.
  5. Sell alternate, organic bedding and sleeping goods on this domain.
  6. Create an outdoor camping app with the domain.
  7. Create a summer wear clothing brand with
  8. Create a portable, weather-proof, solar-powered digital reading device with this name.
  9. Create a leisure game website or app, that can be enjoyed from the comfort of a hammock.
  10. Hammoque is a great brand for a media design company, and it can also be used as a personal brand.
  11. Create a beach music label for
  12. Create an outdoor tiki bar brand with the name

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Buy on Sedo for $500 USD. 


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