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Havenlet is a unique word found in the Oxford English Dictionary meaning A small haven or harbour.  The suffix ‘let’ is suffix that makes a noun diminutive. This could be the perfect domain for a real estate, work at home, architects, family, marine, rentals (eg letting) security business; as well as a website or app that pertains to those enterprises.

Why buy the domain

  • It has the sought after dotcom extension, and is only 8 characters long.
  • There are no pages recorded in, this is a good sign meaning there is no spam history recorded for this website.
  • According to DomainTools, has 14 years of nameserver, registrar, and IP address changes indicating that it is an aged domain. Some speculate that older domains have better search engine optimisation value over domains that have been registered for the first time.
  • Unlike many domains on Brandpa, Havenlet is an actual word defined the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Havenlet is a derivitive of haven, which gets 100,000 to 1,000,000 search per months per month, with low competition. This is according to Google Keyword Planner.
  • Domains ending in ‘let’ have have resale value (as high as $50,000), and domains that contain the word ‘knight’ (as high as   11,573 USD ) also have very high value according to research on the domain sale history website This makes the brandpa value very reasonable.

Below is a preview of; this domain is available for purchase on Brandpa for $2000 USD.

NameBio domain sale history for domains that contain the suffix ‘let’
NameBio domain sale history for domains that contain the keyword ‘haven’

How can you use the domain

Havenlet is a unique dictionary word, and has many brand opportunities. Here are some business and startup ideas for

  1. Use havenlet as a property rental business (let is another word for rental).
  2. Use for a real estate app.
  3. Use havenlet for a home and garden website
  4. Use havenlet as security device for your home
  5. Use havenlet for your architectural business
  6. Use havenlet for furniture
  7. This domain can also be used hotel, motels, and other accommodations.
  8. Use havenlet to for a unique restaurant, pub, or cafe.
  9. Use havenlet as a sanctuary for animals.
  10. Use havenlet as secure crate for pets such as dogs, cats, or birds.
  11. Use havenlet for marine businesses
  12. Use for public secure lockers and safe boxes.
  13. can be a portable tree house or children’s play home.
  14. Havenlet can be a unique doll house or toy company name.
  15. Havenlet can designers of custom dioramas used for building models or home designs.
  16. Havenlet is a perfect name for a place of convalescence and/or rehabilitation – this can be used for medical centres or health retreats as well.

Buy  for $2000.00 USD

Havenlet is hosted and evaluated independently at Brandpa – their in-house evaluation determine the price on several factors which may include:

  • domain extension (typically dotcom)
  • syllables, character count,  and pronunciation
  • domain age
  • domain categories and styles.

In addition – the logo for Havenlet was designed at Brandpa by one of their expert designers. can be bought via Brandpa for $2000.