Halcydon.com is available for purchase. Halcydon is a variant of a halcyon; which has the following meaning as recorded by the Oxford English Dictionary (O.E.D.):

In classical mythology: a bird, usually identified as a kingfisher, which brooded around the time of the winter solstice in a nest floating on the sea, charming the wind and waves into calm. In later use also (chiefly poetic): a kingfisher, esp. the common kingfisher. The alteration of Hellenistic Greek ἀλκυών to ἀλκυδών may also have been influenced by a folk-etymological association with ancient Greek ἀλγηδών pain, grief: in classical mythology Alcyone (Greek Ἀλκυόνη), the daughter of Aeolus, was overcome with grief at the shipwreck of her husband Ceyx, and transformed by the gods into a kingfisher (Greek ἀλκυών) (Hyginus Fabulae 65).

Aside from the mythological bird, halcyon has also become popular for the following definition, also from the O.E.D. :

A period of calm, happiness, or prosperity; (as a mass noun) calm, tranquillity. Also: a period of calm or pleasant weather

Here is a reference to Halcydon in an older text: 1648 A. Ross Mystagogvs Poeticvs (ed. 2) viii. 143 The Halcyons or Halcydons were said, I think, to be begot of Lucifer, because these birds begin to chirp or sing about break of day, at the rising of Lucifer, or the morning starre.

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How can Halcydon.com be used?

  1. As a therapeutic site for psychiatrists, psychologists, and other therapists
  2. An information site for the treatment of depression, ptsd, and addictions
  3. A pharmaceutical company, brand, or drug.
  4. A personal brand or blog
  5. An forum or social media site for mindfulness
  6. Software or an app for meditation
  7. A retreat or resort in nature
  8. A holiday company specialising in warm winter travel.
  9. A boutique hotel or hostel, particularly in a serene setting.
  10. A medical/therapeutic consultancy
  11. Software for non-profits or charities.

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Credits and References:

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