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Junipre is a variant and poetic spelling of Juniper. Juniper is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) as :

A genus of coniferous evergreen shrubs and trees, of which about thirty species are found in different parts of the northern hemisphere; specifically and originally, the common European species Juniperus communis, a hardy spreading shrub or low tree, having awl-shaped prickly leaves and bluish-black or purple berries, with a pungent taste, yielding a volatile oil ( oil of juniper) used in medicine as a stimulant and diuretic, also in the manufacture of gin.

The Etymology is from Latin jūniperus, other historical spellings include iunipere,  iwnipre, iunyper, iuniper, ieneper, ienyper, ieniper, ienoper, iyneper, gynypre, and genopir.  The suffix  ‘re’ is a common suffix for British English words such as theatre, calibre, and litre; whereas in the United States, these spellings take on an ‘er’ ending. theater, caliber, liter. Some words retain their ‘re’ in both British and American English such as acre, ogre, and mediocre.

The spelling of “Junipre” is utilised in Sonnet 26 by renown English poet Edmund Spenser:

Sweet is the Rose but growes upon a brere
Sweet is the Junipre but sharpe his bough
Sweet is the Eglantine but pricketh nere
Sweet is the Firbloome but his braunches rough
Sweet is the Cypresse but his rynd is tough
Sweet is the Nut but bitter is his pill
Sweet is the Broome flowre but yet sowre enough
And sweet is Moly but his root is ill
So every sweet with soure is tempred still
That maketh it be coveted the more
For easie things that may be got at will
Most sorts of men doe set but little store
Why then should I accoumpt of little paine
That endlesse pleasure shall unto me gaine

Junipre makes a great domain for nearly any type of business. Read more below.

Why buy the domain

  • Junipre is only 7 characters, shorter domains are more desirable.
  • It has the dotcom extension, which is the most sought after generic domain extension.
  • Although it is not the modern spelling of Juniper, it is distinctive and recognisable, setting it apart from other businesses with the traditional spelling.
  • Furthermore, domains ending in ‘pre’ have high domain sale values, indicating that alternate endings have value.
  • Google Ads Keyword research tool shows that Junipre still gets between 100,000 and 1,000,000 searches per month.
  • Junipre has 7 records in between August 24, 2007, and May 17, 2014. These records show blank pages and indicate that the domain was never used by its previous owners. This is a good thing because it also means that the domain was never used for adult material or spam. Such content may hurt the site’s reputation and may even hinder future search engine optimisation.
  • is an aged domain, it has 13 years of Whois Records and 15 years of domain server records. Some speculate that older domains have a quicker chance at SEO than domains registered for the first time.
  • This domain is currently indexed in and Bing. Use the search term ‘’ to see all results.
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How can you use the domain has a multitude of uses, and is a great domain for any of the following businesses:

  1. Junipre can be used for software systems, provided they don’t infringe upon trademarks.
  2. Junipre can be used for a personal brand or blog.
  3. Junipre can be used for a children’s clothing brand.
  4. Junipre can be used to sell health products online (Juniper is said to have health benefits).
  5. Junipre is a great brand name for a Gin or alcoholic beverage company.
  6. Junipre is a great name for perfumes or scents.
  7. Junipre can be used for an outdoor education centre.
  8. Junipre can be used for gardening supplies and products.
  9. Junipre can be used for a media design and technology
  10. Junipre can be used for a natural clothing store.
  11. Junipre can be used for natural beauty products.
  12. Junipre can be used for a musical instrument maker (some traditional instruments are made from juniper).
  13. Junipre can be used for a furniture maker or designer.

Before you buy…

It is important that you check trademarks in your country and in your business classification before buying this domain.

  • If you are in the USA, please check the sites: and US Government Trademark site. Otherwise, check the registrars in your country: use this website as a resource:
  • To understand trademark classifications, watch this youtube video. This video shows how the same trademarks can exist across different verticals or classifications.
  • Educate yourself on  ‘trademark bullying‘ by reading this article. Here are some common trademark bullying tactics listed on the web site:
    – Demands that the alternative owners cease with the trademark in significantly different products or services.
    – Declares (wrongly) that it has a monopoly over the mark.
    – Subversively expands its services or products to declare it has a right over other classifications, despite any evidence of this.
    – A trademark bully may be misguided in their belief that their trademark is too famous, and asserts that other trademarks in different classifications hurt their brand.

Please note that the owners are in a jurisdiction where this term is not trademarked.

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You can buy on Sedo now for $2,199.00 USD.

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