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The domain is available for purchase on for $1,500 USD. Knightlet can be interpreted as ‘little’ knight. The suffix ‘let’ makes a noun diminutive.  Knight as defined by the Oxford English dictionary is as follows:

 A military servant of the king or other person of rank; a feudal tenant holding land from a superior on condition of serving in the field as a mounted and well-armed man.

The following is the use of ‘let’ in the English language:

 Appended to nouns. The oldest words in English with this ending are adoptions of Old French words formed by adding the diminutive suffix -et, -ete (see -et suffix1) to nouns with the ending -el, in some cases representing the Latin diminutive suffix -ellum, -ellam, and in others the Latin ending -āle of neuter adjectives (see -al suffix1). Examples are bracelet, chaplet, crosslet, forcelet, frontlet, gauntlet, hamlet, mantelet.

Why Buy

  • is a short, nine character domain that utilises the dotcom extension, the most desired top level domain extension.
  • There is no indication of spam being used on this domain, as contains no records of
  • Knightlet has 15 years of name server, registrar and IP address changes according to This means its an aged domain; some suggest that these domains are better for SEO than domains registered for the very first time.
  • Knightlet is a derivative of ‘knight’ which gets 100,000 – 1,000,000 searches per month according to Google Keyword Planner.
  • Domains ending in ‘let’ have have resale value (as high as $50,000), and domains that contain the word ‘knight’ (as high as $12,500 USD ) also have very high value according to research on the domain sale history website This makes the brandpa value very reasonable.
NameBio domain sale history for domains that contain the suffix ‘let’
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How can you use

Knightlet is a versatile domain name that can be use for any of the following businesses and startup ideas:

  1. Use Knightlet for children’s clothes or sportswear.
  2. Use Knightlet for protective headware for cycling or sports like American football, hockey, baseball, rugby, or cricket.
  3. Use Knightlet as a security app for your home.
  4. Use Knightlet as a home security system.
  5. Use Knightlet as specialised private security team or detail guarding high-value retail stores.
  6. Use knightlet as protective clothing for motorcyclists
  7. Use knightlet as protective gear for firemen, hazmat services, and other protective industries.
  8. Use Knightlet as an e-commerce store specialising in medieval replicas or artifacts.
  9. Use Knightlet as a social tool for neighbourhood protection.
  10. Use knightlet as a portable alarm system for bags, bikes, wallets, phones, laptops, and other tote-able items.  for only $1500.00 USD

Knightlet is hosted and evaluated independently at Brandpa – their in-house evaluation determine the price on several factors which may include:

  • domain extension (typically dotcom)
  • syllables, character count,  and pronunciation
  • domain age
  • domain categories and styles.

In addition – the logo for Knightlet was designed at Brandpa by one of their expert designers.

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Logo designed by Brandpa.

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