Buy – $1,050 is for sale – Macht is the German word for power, force, might, and influence. In the English language, macht has also been used in Scotland with the same meaning.  The German online dictionary defines macht as:

Gesamtheit der Mittel und Kräfte, die jemandem oder einer Sache andern gegenüber zur Verfügung stehen; Einfluss. Translation: The total means of powers available to someone or a thing or over others; influence.

Furthermore, below are references of macht in the English language (particularly Scottish):

  • 1480 St. Clement 454 in W. M. Metcalfe Legends Saints Sc. Dial. (1896) I. 386 He..hyre enbrasit with al his macht
  • 1808 J. Jamieson Etymol. Dict. Sc. Lang. at Maucht Of a person who is paralytic, or debilitated by any other malady, it is said; He has lost the machts, or his machts, S[cotia] B[orealis].
  • 1965 in Sc. National Dict. at Maucht n. Aberdeen 1928: He has nae machts o’ ‘imsel, i.e. his faculties are impaired.

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Buy on Sedo for $1,050 USD.

Credits and references:

  • Header image credit:
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