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The domain is for sale. is a short, aged, dictionary word domain that has a potential for many types of businesses and start-ups – particularly for construction, woodworking, and beverages.

Oaky is an adjective that means: Having the flavour and aroma of oak wood as a result of being fermented or aged in an oak barrel or in a stainless steel or glass container to which oak chips have been added. In addition, it can mean hard like the wood of an oak, in cooking or wine tasting, having a pleasant flavour imparted by the oak barrel in which it was stored.

The -er suffix a suffix is regularly used in forming the comparative degree of adjectives.

In addition, the ‘ier’ is suffix that is concerned with occupations, so a variant (but made-up) definition of oakier is someone who works with oaks.

Why buy

Oakier has some attractive attributes worthy of your startup or product brand:

  • Its a very short, 6 letter domain.
  • It is a dictionary word, that can be found in all English language dictionaries.
  • It is a prestigious dotcom domain name, which lends itself to all manner of businesses and institutions.
  • According to Google Keyword planner, Oakier gets between 10 -100 keyword searches a month and has low competition. The keyword ‘Oak’ itself gets between 100,000 and 1,000,000 searches per month according to this tool.
  • According to, is an ‘aged’ domain, with 13 years of whois records and nameserver records. Aged domains are considered to be more valuable than brand new domain according to some SEO specialists. They suggest that older domains are easier to rank because of their previous history, whereas newer domains need more time to get established.
  • has a clean record in – it has 3 empty records in the archive and has no spam or other low-quality content. This means there would be no spam penalties associated with search engine optimisation.
  • Domains containing the keyword ‘oak’ have been very lucrative, some have sold more than $20,000 USD in the last few years (according to In addition, domains ending with the suffix ‘ier’ have also sold upwards of $10,000 USD.
domainage domain age summary for
ier-domain-sales domain sales for domains ending in ‘ier’
oak-domain-sales domain sales for domains containing ‘oak’

How can you use the domain lends itself perfectly to building, crafting, beverage, and food industries:

  1. Use as a name for your interior design company.
  2. Use for your carpentry service.
  3. Use for your construction business.
  4. Use for your landscaping business.
  5. Use for your carving business.
  6. Use for your architectural firm.
  7. Use Oakier for your sommelier service
  8. Use Oakier for your online wine store
  9. Use Oakier for your whiskey store
  10. Use Oakier for your tree nursery business
  11. Use for your arborist services.

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References and credits:

American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.