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The domain name is available for purchase. The word pantherina can take several contexts and is often used to describe a species. Pantherina comes from the Latin panthērīnus: of a leopard or similar animal or having markings of such an animal. Here are just a few examples of several species that use pantherina as their specific name (the second part of scientific name).

itisgovresults-300x266-3426067-3744686 lists 20 species that use ‘pantherina’ as its specific name.

The most common usage is that is part of the infamous mushroom name Amanita Pantherina, a potentially deadly mushroom. This mushroom is related to the famous Amanita Muscaria. There are several varieties of Pantherina, some contain the agent muscimol (and thus are considered psychoactive) while other varieties are considered poisonous, especially if they are eaten raw. Here are some additional species that use ‘pantherina’:

  • Percina pantherina is the species name for the Leopard darter, an endangered American freshwater fish. These are small fish that can only be found the Little River basin.
  • Calligrapha pantherina is a species of beetle that is native Mexico but has been introduced to other areas around the world, particularly the South Pacific.
  • Rana tigrina ssp. pantherina, known commonly as the Chinese Edible Frog, is a large frog that is endemic to Asia.
  • Cypraea pantherina, which is known as the panther cowry, a marine gastropod mollusk in the cowrie family.
  • Rathouisia pantherina is a species of carnivorous slugs.
  • Hemphillia pantherina, also known as the Panther Jumping-slug, is a species of air-breathing land slugs.

The word pantherine is a synonym and is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) as resembling or characteristic of a panther; dark or spotted like a panther; powerful, lithe, graceful.

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How can you use the domain

Here are a few business ideas and other opportunities for the name

  1. can be used for ethnobotany and other traditional uses of plant medicines
  2. Pantherina is a great name for women’s fitness, such as a fitness centre or training programme.
  3. It can be used for feminine beauty products.
  4. Pantherina can be used for a women’s clothing brand, particularly relating to sports and fitness.
  5. Pantherina can be used for a jewellery store
  6. Pantherina used for high-end clothing and accessories such as personal bags and timepieces.
  7. This domain can be an online aggregator for luxurious goods from around the world.
  8. Pantherina is a great name for a media brand or design firm.
  9. Pantherina can be wildlife advocacy group (based on the amount of species names)
  10. Pantherina can be a personal brand or and artist’s name.
  11. Pantherina is a great culinary name for restaurants or wild food products.

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