Buy – $2,499 and are both available for purchase, separately, or as a package. Pavisand, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), means to display an impressive or opulent array of clothing and ornament; to flaunt one’s appearance. Palinsander means one who pavisands. Pavisand may be an etymon of pavisade (from the French pavesade), which was a defence or screen made of pavises or other shields joined in a continuous line (either in land warfare or on board ship).

Another likely etymology is perhaps that pavisand was intended also to pun on classical Latin pāvōn-, pāvō peacock.

Here are some of the uses of this word throughout documents and literature:

  1. 1910 R. Kipling Rewards & Fairies 297 Forth she come pavisanding like a peacock—stuff, ruff, stomacher and all.
  2. 1950 I. J. C. Brown Having Last Word 90 I can picture Queen Elizabeth pavisanding at times.
  3. 1950 I. J. C. Brown Having Last Word 90 Among great pavisanders also was Milton’s Delilah.
  4. 1974 Inventory of Current Energy Research and Development 17 Drex on Trori-B in water, sediment, Phytoplankton, zooplankton and of Fish response to heated Discharge from the pavisand Invertebrates to the heated Discharge from the Davis”

Related words to pavisand include ostentatious, flaunt, and bling.

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Oxford English Dictionary Tweet of Pavisand.

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Both names have fun, ostentatious meanings. These domains are brandable great for e-commerce and social media. They can work very in tandem, as one is a verb (pavisand) and the other is a noun (pavisander). For advertising, you can use both to direct to the same website, but only use one for campaigns such as paid search, newsletters, and social media. This way, it is easier to trace the source. Here are some further ideas of how you can use them:

  1. A fashion house of fashion designer
  2. An artist’s name (for music, visual arts, or dance).
  3. An outlandish clothing label.
  4. An eCommerce aggregator for provocative men’s or women’s clothing.
  5. A media production company.
  6. A photographer in the fashion industry.
  7. A lifestyle channel on tv or youtube.
  8. A lifestyle magazine covering beauty and fashion.
  9. Software for designing clothing or costumes.
  10. A Film industry costume and clothing company.
  11. A youtube channel for fashion.
  12. A dance studio name.

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 Credits and references:

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