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The domain is available for purchase. Prestancy is an unusual Scottish word for pre-eminence, priority, superiority as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary. It is derived from the classical Latin praestantia meaning pre-eminence, superiority. It is a shorter alternative to the word pre-eminence. It is also related to prestige, which means influence or reputation derived from achievements, associations, or character, or (esp.) from past success; a person’s standing in the estimation of others. Similar words include prestance and prestantious. The following are some examples of this word from a historical context, with its first citing over 400 years ago:

  • 1615   A. Stafford Heavenly Dogge 39   If then the prestancy of instructing be such; surely Diogenes..may in name, but not in deed bee a slaue.
  • 1658   J. Robinson Endoxa iv. 30   In Adam, yet intire, there was a priority and a prestancy, but no soveraignty.
  • 1671   England’s imminent danger, and only remedy faithfully 239 There is no Prestancy to be discerned. The flood of repentance comes not in with a spring tide..

More modern usage of the word prestancy can be found on the web:

  • ‘Concept of Prestancy’ is a track by Italian DJ and Techno musician Alessandro Iacovelli, who goes by Hanubis. This track was uploaded to youtube on April 23, 2018.
  • entry on Sforza includes:  The name of the family derives from the nickname of its founder, Muzio Attendolo (Cotignola, 1369 – near Ravenna, 1424), a captain of fortune of Romagna at the service of the Angevin kings of Naples, called Sforza (Forte) for its prestancy.
  • In a blog post on the sports website about veteran soccer players: However, the reality is that the prestancy and sobriety of one of them and the character and explosiveness of the other would still be highly coveted qualities in this business where money surpasses talent.

You can find several further examples of prestancy in Google Books.

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What are the uses of

Prestancy has a positive meaning in reference to reputation, and can be used for the following ideas:

  1. E-commerce for luxury goods.
  2. A luxury auto dealership.
  3. A luxury car rental service.
  4. A premium wine or spirit distributor.
  5. A premium real estate company or service.
  6. An app for luxury products for Android or IOS.
  7. A luxury travel aggregator.
  8. A boutique hotel or accommodation
  9. A financial investment company
  10. A consultation service.
  11. An upscale concierge service.

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