Buy – $1,000 is a great domain name; ripsnort/ripsnorter means someone or something exceptionally remarkable in appearance, quality, strength, or the like (Oxford English Dictionary).

The domain is for sale; here is the definition of Ripsnort as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary:


Origin: Formed within English, by back-formation. Etymon: ripsnorter n. Etymology: Back-formation < ripsnorter n. Compare earlier ripsnorting adj.colloquial (originally U.S.). intransitive. To act or proceed in a boisterous manner; to rollick. Occasionally transitive. Also figurative. examples:

  • 1902 Life 10 Apr. 312/1 What a sensation to go rip snort into any old thing without regard for the consequences, and know you can get away without being caught!]
  • 1932 N.Y. Times 19 Nov. 14/2 Mr. Rankin rip-snorted for the bonus and fought reasonable taxation ideas.
  • 1975 C. A. Haddad Moroccan vii. 83 ‘Come to Daddy,’ I said… She clambered on my back and together we ripsnorted our way to Ilanit.
  • 1979 A. Hailey Overload (new ed.) ii. x. 159 Water which promptly became high-pressure steam and ripsnorted to a separate superheater section.
  • 2006 J. J. Nance Orbit ii. 12 He feels..the need to yank out his phone again and rip-snort through however many numbers and command posts are necessary to get his son live on the other end.


Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: rip v.1, snorter n.1 Etymology: < rip v.1 + snorter n.1 (compare snorter n.1 2). Compare slightly earlier riproarious adj., slightly later ripsnorting adj., and later ripsnort v. Someone or something exceptionally remarkable in appearance, quality, strength, or the like. examples:

  • 1840 Crockett Almanac 20/1 Of all the ripsnorters I ever tutched upon, thar never war one that could pull her boat alongside of Grace Peabody.
  • 1885 Santa Fé Weekly New Mexican 20 Aug. 2/6 Any galoot who wants the Ripsnorter for a year can have it left at his bar-room on payment of three red chips in advance.
  • 1889 K. Munroe Dory Mates (1890) vi. 84 Boys, we are in for a regular ‘rip-snorter’ [sc. a violent storm]. I never saw a nastier night.
  • 1924 R. Clements Gipsy of Horn v. 87 It came on to blow in a way that the packet-rats called a ‘rip-snorter’.
  • 1931 A. J. Cronin Hatter’s Castle ii. ix. 368 Did you see that shot of mine, cocky?.. It was a—a regular nor’easter—a pickled ripsnorter.
  • 1951 New Yorker 3 Mar. 28/1 The villain is a real ripsnorter. 1972 Last Whole Earth Catal. (Portola Inst.) 445/3 This is Gurney Norman the author speaking, bringing you the end of this folk tale, and it’s a rip-snorter.
  • 2005 V. Swarup Q & A 243 To my everlasting regret, I never had an Australian client whom I could slap on the back and say, ‘G’day mate, I’m gonna give you the good oil about this rip-snorter of a tomb!’

Why buy

  • It is a .org domains, these are a popular extension for non-business domains
  • Is short (8  characters)
  • It is a recognisable keyword; ripsnort gets between 100-1,000 searches per month, ripsnorter gets 1,000-10,000 searches per month according to Google Ads Keyword Planner.
  • has 11 records in between September 4, 2011, and August 9, 2018. This site previously had 3 entries as a gaming forum for World War II aircraft. The domain history does not contain any spam such as adult content or gambling.
  • As with, there is no spam associated with this domain, meaning new owners will have a fresh start on reputation.
  • is indexed by Google. This means that there are no indexing penalties against
  • According to, has 11 years of Whois History. Search engine optimisation experts believe that older domains have a slight advantage for ranking that domains that have been registered for the first time.

Ideas for

  1. Its a great sports team name
  2. Can be used for a fan club site or for animal-themed sports clubs
  3. An event planning app.
  4. It is a great name for any social club.
  5. Personal branding. Many individuals are moving their personal sites to .org as they do not have commercial interests for their website.
  6. A Reviews Website for sports
  7. An adventure-themed app
  8. An adventure video game or app.
  9. Software for Role-playing-games or other game developing tools
  10. A daily reminder app to do something fun each day.

Buy for $1,000.00 USD

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Credits and references:

  • image source Evgraf Semenovich Sorokin – Ian Usmovets Stopping an Angry Bull
  • “ripsnort, v.”. OED Online. June 2020. Oxford University Press. (accessed August 18, 2020).