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sedo-buynow is available for purchase. Rugible, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, means capable of roaring. The etymology is post-classical Latin rugibilis which also means capable of roaring. An example comes from 1620’s T. Granger Syntagma Logicum 218: A Lion is a fore-footed Beast rugible.


Why Buy

  1. It is a dotcom domain, considered by many the best (and most traditional) generic domain extension
  2. It is only 7 characters long (10 with the extension)
  3. Google Ads Keyword planner indicates that it gets between 100,000 to 1,000,000 searches a month globally.
  4. The Google Keyword planner suggests this is a medium competition keyword.
  5. Rugible is an actual dictionary word, it is not a made-up word or name, so it gives the word additional depth.
  6. This domain is indexed by Google, meaning there is no penalty to it being indexed by Google.
  7. has 4 years of whois and nameserver records. This means that the domain has some age attached to it; some experts suggest the older the domain is, the easier it to perform search engine optimisation for the domain.
  8. has a single record on This record is a robots.txt for search engine. has a clean slate for content, meaning that it has no reputation that is tarnished by low-quality content, spam, and/or adult and illicit content.
  9. has sold some high-value domains with the keyword roar.
Google Ads Keyword Planner Volume for Rugible


domainage-2743048 domain age summary for Rugible.


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What could you use for?

Rugible is a great brand that can be used for multiple purposes:

  1. It is a great personal brand for a blog
  2. Use it as a fan site for a sports team (Lions, Bears, or other ‘rugible’ beasts)
  3. Use it for a forum or social media site
  4. It is a great name for a software app
  5. Use it for a communication software or networking
  6. A great name for an amplifier or speaker
  7. Use it for a stereo system brand.
  8. Use for Alarm Systems and Security.
  9. This is a great name for portable Bluetooth speakers or radios
  10. Rugible can be used for music amplifiers
  11. Rugible can also be used for DJ sound systems or equipment.
  12. Rugible can play off the word ‘rug’ and be used for flooring
  13. Rugible can play off the word ‘rugged’ – and be used for a product where durability is important.

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How did we come up with this price? We carefully evaluated based on several factors, some of which include:

  • The domain name extension
  • The length of domain and characters used
  • Researching similar domain sales.
  • The domain age and history
  • Keywords in the domain: this may include the following: search volume, cost per click, dictionary coverage, and/or multi-lingual coverage.

Tools used for this evaluation may include Majestic SEO, DomCop, Google Ads Keyplanner, SpyFu, Keyword Keg, DomainTools,, and

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