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Our domain is for sale on Brandpa. is a superb domain for any of the following businesses and startup ideas: Beauty websites, Beauty salons, Fashion brands, Beauty apps, Online shops, Fashion apps, Beauty brands, and/or Shop comparison websites. See below for even more ideas!

Shade is a versatile word; it can be both a noun and/or a verb, which gives the domain many uses!

Why buy the domain

  • is a short 8 letter dot com domain.
  • ShadeDay has no pages saved in; there is no spam record on this domain.
  • ShadeDay gets up to 1,000 searches a month according to Google Keyword Planner; the keywords shade and day each individual get up to 1,000,000 searches a month.
  • is indexed by Google; this means there are no search indexing penalties by Google on this domain: this indicates that the domain history is spam-free. Having a spam free history is important for search engine optimisation.
  • ShadeDay has 2 years of name server, registrar and IP address changes from May 11, 2018 to Aug 16, 2020 according to Older domains are said to be slightly more viable for search engine optimisation than domains that have been registered for the first time.
  • Domains that contain the word ‘shade’  have very high value (as high as $15,000 USD ) according to research on the domain sale history website In addition, domains that contain the  word ‘day’ have fetched upwards of $20,000 USD. This makes the brandpa valuation very reasonable. See screenshots below for more information.

Below is a preview of ShadeDay; this domain is available for purchase on Brandpa for $1495 USD.

NameBio domain sale history for domains that contain the keyword ‘shade’
NameBio domain sale history for domains that contain the keyword ‘day’

How can you use

  1. is brandable domain that can be used in a variety of ways:
  2. Use ShadeDay for a sunglasses e-commerce site.
  3. Use ShadeDay for cooling summer clothes.
  4. Use ShadeDay for clothes that can be worn in hot climates.
  5. Use ShadeDay for hats and headwear that protect you from UV sun rays or other harmful radiation.
  6. Use Shadeday for lotions or sunscreen.
  7. Use ShadeDay for Makeup and beauty products.
  8. Use ShadeDay for Outdoor, bleach resistant paints
  9. Use ShadeDay as a colouring or paint swatch app or website.
  10. Use ShadeDay for Outdoor umbrellas.
  11. Use Shadeday for Awning, Tents, and other roofing products.
  12. Use Shadeday as an enviromental app that lets you know UV indexes or when to avoid sun exposure.
  13. Use Shadeday as chemical covering to protect homes, vehicles, and other outdoor surfaces for prolongue sun exposure.
  14. Use Shadeday as ‘Solar Shade’ umbrella, that automatically moves with the direction of the sun.  for only $1495.

ShadeDay is hosted and evaluated independently at Brandpa – their in-house evaluation determine the price on several factors which may include:

  • domain extension (typically dotcom)
  • syllables, character count,  and pronunciation
  • domain age
  • domain categories and styles.

In addition – the logo for AdSunshine was designed at Brandpa by one of their expert designers.

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Logo design by

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