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sedo-buynow is for sale. Sight-seer is a noun defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as one who goes about to see the sights of a place or places. Below are literary references to the verb sight-see, starting from the oldest reference in 1824.

1. intransitive. To see sights, visit objects or places of interest.

  • 1824   R. Heber Jrnl. 8 Sept. in Narr. Journey Upper Provinces India (1828) I. xii. 302   I had been sight-seeing from five till nearly ten o’clock.
  • 1835   Court Mag. 6 146   The ruins of Tintern,..Alas! now profaned by a sight-seeing crew.
  • 1843   Countess Granville Lett. (1894) II. 345   She sight-sees from the dawn of day. 1887   World 23 Feb. 15   Who..sight-see all day, and return to their gilded cars to dine and sleep.
  • 1913   E. Wharton Custom of Country xxx. 412   ‘I suppose you’ve been to that old church over there?’.. ‘Oh, of course; when I used to sightsee. Have you never been to Paris before?’
  • 1925   C. Connolly Let. 28 Feb. in Romantic Friendship (1975) 61   Nor is there anywhere near to tempt one to sightsee.
  • 1976   Church Times 30 July 7/3   It seems to me infinitely more absurd—if art and architecture mean anything to you at all, and if you can sight-see in reasonably unhurried and uncongested comfort—not to want to see the best in this line that civilisation has to offer.
  • 1979   R. Jaffe Class Reunion ii. v. 168   ‘And then I thought I’d just sightsee.’ Dutifully she told him everything she had seen.

2. transitive. To visit the principal sights of (a place).

  • 1968   J. Wainwright Web of Silence 109   I spent the day sight-seeing Berlin.
  • 1976   New Yorker 29 Mar. 95/2 (advt.)    Meet the chefs, inspect kitchens, plus sightsee the highlights from Cortina to Rome.
  • 1977   Daily Colonist (Victoria, Brit. Columbia) 19 June 25/3   Macao is only 2½ miles long. Has 300,000 people. You sightsee it in an hour.

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Buy on Sedo for $500 USD.

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