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The domain is available for purchase. The Oxford English Dictionary describes it as a little spangle. It is derived from spanglet plus the diminutive suffix ‘et‘. The origin is believed to be from the German word ‘Spange’ which means a clasp, brooch, link, and/or junction. In English, Spangle can mean any of the following:

  1. A small round thin piece of glittering metal (usually brass) with a hole in the centre to pass a thread through, used for the decoration of textile fabrics and other materials of various sorts; a sequin.
  2. A star
  3. A glitter as of spangles
  4. A condensed particle reflecting light, as of hoar-frost, snow, or dew.
  5. A glittering point or speck of light (as descriptive of the US national anthem, Star Spangled Banner)
  6. A small or minute glittering particle, esp. of a mineral substance.

Here are some historical uses of spanglet:

1610   G. Fletcher Christs Victorie 28 The watry picture of his beautie proude, Throwes all abroad his sparkling spangelets. 1633   P. Fletcher Purple Island xii. lxix. 176   Frozen snow, Whose silver spanglets sparkle ‘gainst the day. 1806   H. K. White Remains (1807) II. 180 To tear the spanglets from yon gaudy plain. 1811   P. B. Shelley To a Star 3   Sweet star,..Spanglet of light on evening’s shadowy veil. 1840   The Metropolitan Magazine – Volume 22 400 Spanglets of Heaven | ye seem to me The alphabet of immensity

In addition, it is also a surname found in the United States, Canada, Israel. On, there are 285 documents relating to this surname, mostly located in New York in the United States.  A notable person with this surname is Heinz Spanglet:

Stephen Dale – formerly Heinz Spanglet. Spanglet, was a German-born Jew during survived concentration camps and later served for the British during the second world war.  He was a volunteer member of the Alien Pioneer Corps and served as a Special Operations Executive. His unit conducted espionage, sabotage, and reconnaissance and helped local resistance fighters.  Read more about Heinz Spanglet here. He also has wrote an autobiographical book on his life available on Amazon, titled Spanglet, or by any other name. In addition he is mentioned in additional books including King’s Most Loyal Enemy Aliens: Germans Who Fought for Britain in the Second World War, by Helen Fry; and Widerstand vom Himmel: Österreicheinsätze des britischen Geheimdienstes SOE 1944, by Patrick Martin-Smith.

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How can be used?

  1. Use it for a designer fashion brand
  2. A fashion review app
  3. Photography or video filter (eg for bokeh or other effects)
  4. A jewellery brand
  5. An Etsy craft store, or eCommerce gift store
  6. Make-up or beauty products
  7. A lighting store
  8. A media production company.
  9. Wearable lighting (such as led shirts, shoes and jackets)
  10. An interior design service
  11. A store selling classic Americana.

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Buy Spanglet from Sedo for $1,250 USD.

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