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The domain is for sale. In the Oxford English Dictionary, the word sprusado is defined as a person who is smartly dressed. This word is derived from spruse, variant of spruce. Here are a few historical uses of the word:

  • 1665   R. Brathwait Comment Two Tales Chaucer 19   They put me in mind of the pregnant and present Answer of that Sprusado to a Judge in this Kingdom,..seeing a neat Finical Divine come before him in a Cloak lined through with Plush.
  • 1818  H. J. Todd Johnson’s Dict. Eng. Lang. at Spruce   A sprusado..became a term to denote one who paid great attention to dress.
  • 1859 A Glossary: Or, Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions …, Volume 2 By Robert Nares. 827, especially since Mr Todd, has found sprusado employed as a term for a fine dressed man a beau

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Buy on Sedo for $2,000 USD.

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