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“Storm Nest” is a great term with multiple meanings. Here are a few interpretations, including several quotations from the famed Scottish-American naturalist, John Muir, who founded the Sierra Club, and was influential in the founding of the American national park system.

“Storm Nest” as a refuge from a storm:

I gazed enchanted but cold gray masses drifting hither and thither like rack on a wind swept plain began to shut out the light and it was evident that they would soon be marshalled for storm I gathered as much wood as possible and snugged it shelteringly around my storm nest. My blankets were arranged and the topmost fastened down with stakes and my precious bread sack tucked in at my head I was ready when the first flakes fell All kinds of clouds began to fuse into one the wind swept past in hissing floods and the storm closed down on all things producing a wild exhilaration.
America’s Advancement: The Progress of the United States During Their First Century. Charles Edwards Lester (quoting John Muir), 1876

All I wanted was to have blankets and provisions deposited as far up in the timber as the snow would permit a pack animal to go. There I could build a storm nest and lie warm, and make raids up and around the mountain in accordance with the weather.
John Muir Complete Works, John Muir 2017

The snow-laden gale drove on night and day in hissing, blinding floods, and whe at length it began to abate, I found that a small band of wild sheep had weathered the storm in the lee of a clump of Dwarf Pines a few yards above my storm-nest, where the snow was eight or ten feet deep.
John Muir: Nature Writings John Muir 1997

“Storm Nest” as a place where storms gather:

There are certain places which are peculiarly favorable to the development of storms which v Bezold calls Gewitterherde Storm focus is not a satisfactory translation of the term as this implies a point of concentration rather than of departure storm centre already has another meaning perhaps storm nest may serve in this meaning.
The American Meteorological Journal, Volume 2, W.H. Burr, 1885

In addition to the above,  there was a book distributed by the famed ‘dime novel’ publisher J. S. Ogilvie titled “Storm Nest Light” written by Harry Mills published in 1902.

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  • Prior to this page going live, it was saved 5 times between July 16, 2013, and January 9, 2018, in Of these records, only one is accessible which is a domain expiry page. This indicates that no content was saved in the archives, and the domain has a clean reputation, with no spam, adult sites or illicit material. It is important for domain buyers to review the as website history may hinder search engine optimisation progress in the future.
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How can I use the domain

“Storm Nest” fields a range of opportunities for online commerce or communities. Here are a few ideas if you are considering buying this domain:

  1. Use a brand for camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, swags, and/or survival gear.
  2. Use as a name for your wilderness lodge, campground, or accommodation.
  3. Use as an emergency app for tracking storms and other inclement weather systems.
  4. Use for tiny homes or cabins that can face the rigours of mother nature.
  5. Use as a name for your architectural or design firm.
  6. Use this domain for a wildlife refuge, rehabilitation, or rescue centre.
  7. Use Storm Nest as a name for search and rescue operation.
  8. Storm Nest is an excellent name for both the maritime and aviation industry.
  9. Create an emergency warning software and/or API with the name of Storm Nest.
  10. Create an international refuge centre for displaced persons.
  11. A geological consulting service that researches the safest placement of homes and other structures.
  12. A biophilic design service that integrates new homes into the surrounding environment.

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