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We are pleased to present our domain, which is for sale on for only $1,571.00 USD. Sungiver, is a positive domain that can be used for many businesses and startups including for food, technology, outdoors, travel, fashion, energy and many more.

Sun is a popular word that can be used as noun or a verb (such expose to the sun). Giver suggests generosity and wealth.

Why buy

  • is a short, 8 character domain with the desired dotcom extension.
  • Sun and giver are the component words of this domain and are high volume keyphrases according to the Google Keyword Planner. Sun gets between between 1,000,000 and 10,000,000 searches a month, while Giver gets between 10,000 and 100,000 searches per month.
  • Sun and giver are also in demand keywords for domain sales. In recent times domains contain the keyword Sun have sold as much $49,000 USD whereas domains with the keyword give have sold as much as $500,000. This makes the domain listing price at Brandpa very competitive.
  • In, there are 26 records between June 24, 2013 and January 4, 2019 for – these are records are domain parking pages. What is important is that there is no history of spam, adult, gambling, or any other low quality content found in the history. This means that the domain should not have any marks against for search engine optimisation.
  • is indexed by, this is good news as it means there are no indexing penalties against this domain.
  • Sungiver has 13 years of whois history and 14 years of nameserver history. This means that is an aged domain; aged domains are said to have greater search engine optimisation value than domains that have been registered for the first time.

How can you use lends itself to many business and startup ideas. Here are a few examples of how you can use

  1. Use Sungiver for skin care products to rejuvenate sun damaged skin
  2. Use Sungiver for a sun screen or sun tanning lotion product.
  3. Use Sungiver for as a beauty product for outdoor and active use.
  4. Use SunGiver as an lighting device that mimics the natural sun.
  5. Use SunGiver as a health food product (for example from sun flower seeds)
  6. Use Sungiver as travel agency name to warm destinations such as the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific, Africa or Australia.
  7. Sungiver is a great name for a resort or retreat in a warm climate.
  8. Use Sungiver as an biotech business name.
  9. Use Sungiver as an agricultural business name.
  10. Use Sungiver as a clean energy brand, such as a solar energy brand.
  11. Use Sungiver as name for solar panels or other solar powered products.
  12. Use Sungiver as a brand for Sunglasses.
  13. Use Sungiver as a summer clothing brand.  for only $1,571.00 USD is hosted and evaluated independently at Brandpa – their in-house evaluation determine the price on several factors which may include:

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