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Sun Loggia is an open-sided extension to a house, typically of stone or brick construction, that allows for sun exposure.

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Loggia is derived from the Italian word for ‘lodge’ however it is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (O.E.D.) as a gallery or arcade having one or more of its sides open to the air; and also an open-sided extension to a house, typically of stone or brick construction. In real estate, it is sometimes referred to as a Sun Loggia, as most modern constructs incorporate the notion of sunroom (which is completely enclosed) with a loggia that has open walls. Historically, a traditional loggia is could only be accessed from inside and intended as a place for leisure. Loggias are different from porticos which are focused on entrances. They are also different from verandas which are an attached roof structure on the outside of a building; loggias are part of the integral architecture of a building. Here are some historical citations of ‘sun loggia’ in newspapers and literature.

  • 1921   N.Y. Times 21 Dec. 37/1 (caption):    Sun Loggia.
  • 2008   Observer (Nexis) 4 May:   Wandering around this beautifully realised building, with its vast, sea-facing sun loggia and new floor of posh suites on what was previously the flat roof.
  • 2016 Neither Nowt Nor Summat: In Search of the meaning of Yorkshire. Ian McMillan 163: The morning was shining through the thin curtains and I imagine Mary and Jack sitting in the ‘sun loggia‘, which is what they called their conservatory, him reading Trout and Salmon and her knitting a set of bootees for the ‘the poor children who lived cheek by jowl’ as she called them.
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