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brandpa-buynow is a superb domain for music, communications, and wellbeing. It is also a dictionary word which means (and is an alternate, shorter word) for ‘symphony’. It is for sale on for only $2,000 USD.

Symphan is a old in the English language dating as far back as 1303 and 1330 in works by R Mannyng:

1. As Dauyd seyþ yn þe sautere, ‘Yn harpe, yn thabour, and symphan gle, Wurschepe God.’

2. Harpes, pypes, & tabours,..Belles, chymbes, & symfan.

Though the word is considered old, it is still used in many published works of the 21st century.

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  • is a very short, two syllable dotcom domain, which is the most desired commercial domain extension.
  • Symphan is a dictionary word and can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary. It is still in current use.
  • It looks very similar to Symphony, so it can be easily recognised as an alternate form of that word.
  • Symphony, which is the more popular variant of ‘Symphan’, gets as many as 100K – 1M searches per month according to the Google Keyword Planner.
  • A similar domain domain,, has sold for $375,000 USD, making the shorter domain very competitive in price.
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How can you use

Symphan is a superb and positive domain that offers many possibilities for startups and established businesses:

  1. Use Symphan for a musical learning app: learn instruments, sing, or musical composition.
  2. Use Symphan as a social app to find gigs are other musicians to collaborate with.
  3. Use Symphan for a musical e-commerce store. Rebrand your existing domain if its too long!
  4. Use Symphan as a name as name for a musical instrument.
  5. Use Symphan as a name for musical equipment such as amplifier, pre-amp, head phones, high-end cables and cords, microphones, drum machines, and more.
  6. Use Symphan for an app to promote your symphony orchestra.
  7. Use Symphan for DJ’ing equipment and gigs.
  8. Use Symphan for a communications app or software for your business.
  9. Use Symphan as a financial software for trading stocks.
  10. Use Sympan as a financial software name for accounting.
  11. Use Symphan as social media alternative to social media such as Twitter or Facebook, emphasizing positive social behaviour.
  12. Use Symphan as an app for performing arts.
  13. Use Symphan as an advanced scheduling scheduling software or scheduling app.
  14. Use Symphan as an event scheduler for business, groups, bands, and performers.
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References and credits

Sympan logo created by

“symphan, n.”. OED Online. September 2020. Oxford University Press. (accessed September 14, 2020).