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sedo-buynow is for sale. Terrasse is a multilingual word that means terrace in German, French, Danish, and Norwegian. In addition, terras is the Dutch word for terrace. For reference, terrace is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘A raised level place for walking, with a vertical or sloping front or sides faced with masonry, turf, or the like, and sometimes having a balustrade.’

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  • It has the same meaning across multiple languages
  • It is a very short domain – 5 characters without the TLD, and only 7 with the extension
  • The word Terrace gets 100,000 to 1,000,000 global searches per month as per Google Ads Volume
  • Keyword Keg estimates 246,000 searches per month on terrasse.
  • Keyword Keg suggests that on-page search engine optimisation is easier on this term due to a lack of competition in the space.
  • There are 3 snapshots of in; all of them are domain registration pages. This means the domain has been free of spam, giving the new owner a fresh reputation to work on.
  • Google trends show great seasonal interest for Spring and Summer on this term for the last 5 years.
  • is indexed by Google, meaning there are no search penalties against for indexing.
  • has 8 years for whois records and 4 years of nameservers records on SEO experts suggest that older domains have an advantage in ranking over domains that have been registered for the very first time.
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What can you use for?

  1. Restaurants and other fine dining locales
  2. Outdoor Winebars or Beer Gardens.
  3. Outdoor venues that make use of terraces
  4. Garden Centres or Nurseries
  5. Summer event planners
  6. Architects and/or Architectural Planning
  7. Landscaping Centre
  8. An environmental app
  9. An app rating restaurants and venues that do respectful ‘social distancing’
  10. could be a site rating the best places to eat outdoors.

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How did we come up with this price? We carefully evaluated based on several factors, some of which include:

  • Domain name extension
  • Length of domain and characters used
  • Similar domain sales.
  • Domain age and history
  • Keywords in the domain: this may include the following: search volume, cost per click, dictionary coverage, and/or multi-lingual coverage.

Tools used for this evaluation may include Majestic SEO, DomCop, Google Ads Keyplanner, SpyFu, Keyword Keg, DomainTools,, and

Buy for $500 USD on

Credits and References:

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