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Transmission is derived from the Latin transmissio from the early 17th century; meaning the action or process of transmitting something or the state of being transmitted. Alternatively, it can mean a program or signal that is broadcast or sent out.

Why buy

  • Transmission is a highly trafficked search term with up to a million searches per month
  • It is a highly versatile word that can be used in several fields including communications, automotive, and medical industries.
  • FM (frequency modulation), which is used for radio stations, is a popular nonstandard domain extension.
  • Adwords indicates that this keyword gets between 100,000 to 1,000,000 million searches per month
  • Keyword Keg suggests that the value per month (which is cost-per-click times volume) is $986,240 USD.
  • SpyFu suggests that advertisers will pay as much as $2.12USD in the United States for this keyword.
  • Estibot has a high appraisal value.
  • The .fm domain remains popular in the news
  • The has 7 records between April 23, 2013, and July 24, 2019. These records do not contain any spam or adult sites, so you will have a fresh reputation when you launch this site.
  • The very Top .fm domains have sold for as little as $11,000 USD [see] – putting the prices well within the range of most startup and business budgets.
  • The Google Ngram viewer (see in the images below) records the popularity of word transmission in literature.
  • is indexed by Google, indicating there are no searching indexing penalties.
  • has 10 years for whois records and 6 years of historical nameserver records according to DomainTools. Search engine optimisation experts suggest that older domains have a better chance at ranking than domains that have been registered for the very first time.
Keyword Keg estimates
Estibot value
Namebio .FM domain sales


What can you use for?

The sky is the limit for Whether you are a pirate or seasoned pro in the industry, there are many options for this domain.

  1. Start your own radio station, their several ‘how-to’ tutorials for beginners available.
  2. Rebrand your existing radio station with
  3. Start a podcast website with
  4. Start a video casting website with
  5. Create a great brand for your youtube channel
  6. Create a news website or news aggregator.
  7. Startups for .fm domains have included: dating by musical interests, cloud storage, internet answers, and many more.
  8. This would be a great communications tool for the automotive industry.
  9. Network startups could benefit as well, TCP stands for transmission control protocol.
  10. Create a modern peer to peer app with
  11. Create a secure FTP app with

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  • Domain name extension
  • Length of domain and characters used
  • Similar domain sales.
  • Domain age and history
  • Keywords in the domain: this may include the following: search volume, cost per click, dictionary coverage, and/or multi-lingual coverage.

Tools used for this evaluation may include Majestic SEO, DomCop, Google Ads Keyplanner, SpyFu, Keyword Keg, DomainTools,, and

Buy Transmission.FM from Sedo for $6,000 USD.

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