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The domain is available for purchase. Vollenge is an old word for an avalanche. Its etymology is from the Italian word valanga and old French valanche. The following is an example of its use from an old text as reported by the Oxford English Dictionary and other sources::

1830 W. Taylor Hist. Surv. German Poetry II. 456 The vollenge, which overwhelms the whole village, was at first but a little snowball.
1819 The Monthly Review, Or, Literary Journal . 143  and who now assails us with a vollenge * of three thick octavos more
1827 The Foreign Quarterly Review 445 If he attempts to dwell there, in the winter a snow-vollenge (avalanche), in the summer a land-slip, buries—or removes his home; his cattle are swept away by the torrent, his corn-stacks by the wind-gusts.

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How can Vollenge by used?

Vollenge lends itself to actives brands well, here are some ideas for the domain

  1. A winter sports information site
  2. A great team name for a Hockey club or sports team.
  3. Ski and Snowboard apparel such as jackets, trousers, or gloves
  4. Ski gear ranging from poles, boots, to skis themselves
  5. A winter weather site
  6. A Skiing social media site or app
  7. A great name for a toque/beanie brand
  8. A personal website or brand
  9. A specialised ski resort software brand.
  10. A great name for musical group or band

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Buy on Sedo for $1000 USD.

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