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The “wild” scientist observes that great scientists had the courage to break with “old and respected assumptions” and to explore some novel “strange” hypotheses. From this observation, the “wild” scientist concludes that to do great science one has to explore all sorts of strange hypotheses, and to violate respected ideas. – Quantum Gravity Carlo Rovelli 2007

Although the term wild scientist is not found in the dictionary, it has a rich history in science writing. A wild scientist is an unconventional researcher who goes up against the status quo:

On TV programmes one can easily distinguish between the tame scientist (fenced in by the corporation) and the wild scientist (rampaging around the campus). We need more wild scientists and less genetically engineered pap.
New Scientist, Volume 150, Issues 2024-2030 1996

..something that used to be called, long ago, a natural philosopher, what now might be called a wild scientist as opposed to a domesticated one.
– Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm, Stephan Harrod Buhner, 2014

He could be right . . . remember when some wild scientist was working on “Radio with Pictures”???
AV Guide, Volumes 53-55, 1974

My very good old pal and lifelong Hank, the Wild Scientist I call him. But he is a brilliant research biophysicist, holding several degrees,
– Fantastic Experiences of a Half-blind and His Interracial Marriage: An Autobiography Ira Lunan Ferguson 1982

Considered by some as a maverick, wild” scientist, his curiosity and enthusiasm, his perseverance and determination, ultimately qualified him for the Nobel prize, despite the now- obvious errors in some of his postulations!
Foreign animal diseases Front Cover George C. Poppensiek, Paul G. Rudenberg, 1989

A wild scientist should not be confused with a mad scientist which ‘is a stock character of a scientist who is described as “mad” or “insane” owing to a combination of unusual or unsettling personality traits and the unabashedly ambitious, taboo or hubristic nature of their experiments.‘ Wild Scientists are motivated by curiosity and are not influenced by corporations or avarice for their scientific advancements.

Why buy the domain

  • It a relatively short domain of 13 characters
  • It has the dotcom extension, which is the most recognised and desired domain extension.
  • It is easy to pronounce and spell. It also passes the radio test: one can easily jot this down when heard on the radio.
  • It contains keywords that are high-value terms for domains; these keywords can fetch premium prices if the domain is resold.
  • Google Ads Keyword planner shows that there are up to 100 searches for “Wild Scientist” per month. The competition is low, which means that advertising costs would also be low if one uses this domain as a brand.
  • has 11 years of whois history and 14 years of nameserver history according to This makes it an aged domain; some speculate that aged domains have more search engine optimisation value that domains that have been registered for the very first time.
  • WildScientist has 8 records in  The entries show that this hosted a science blog and domain parking pages.
  • The site is indexed by Google, this indicates there are no search penalties against this domain.
Google Ads search volume and competition for “Wild Scientist”
NameBio domain sales that contain the term ‘scientist’
NameBio domain sales that contain the term ‘wild’
wildscientist-9249752 domain history of

What can you use the domain for?

Wild Scientist can be used for a variety of uses, and it particularly suits businesses and individuals that are unconventional. Here are some ideas:

  1. A Beer or Spirit maker that uses wild and natural ingredients for their products
  2. A health food producer that uses non-GMO ingredients
  3. A nutritional service or consultant that is not associated with corporations.
  4. A research centre for natural scientists.
  5. An educational centre that gets underprivileged children out in nature.
  6. Children’s games that introduce children to science
  7. A research foundation that is crowd founded, instead of corporate-sponsored.
  8. An artist that uses science as the basis for their art.
  9. A foraging service for wild plant products.
  10. Software or App for identifying plants, animals, or minerals.

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Buy on Sedo for $1,250 USD.

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