Bitcoin Payment

If you would like pay for a domain using Bitcoin, we can accommodate many of our domains in our portfolio for such purchases. Some of the domains on our website such as those listed on Brandpa and BrandBucket are not available for purchase using cryptocurrency. Any domains that are not on those services are available to purchase with Bitcoin.

We recommend that you do not send bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency directly to us, but rather use a third party system that has a built-in escrow service. The process may entail going through 2 escrow processes – one for the domain transferal process, the other for the bitcoin payment.

Here are some options to consider: (preferred) is a peer to peer exchange for selling bitcoins online. They have an in-built Escrow system. They have a very high TrustPilot review.

localbitcoins is another online marketplace to buy bitcoins. Paxful also provides an escrow services to buy crypto currencies. is a bitcoin escrow service that uses LocalBitcoins as platform. Its another to consider. – This is pure Bitcoin escrow (examples above are primarily marketplaces with escrow services built-in). I have not tried them, but they have good trustpilot reviews.

Please note, none of these systems is anonymous an you will have to register for these services. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of our domains via bitcoin!