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Halesome is for sale. Halesome, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, means wholesome; promoting or conducive to physical health. It is considered of Scottish and variants of this word include: alsome, halesom, halesume, halsom, halsum; haalsome, halesum,  halsoum, halsome, halesom. Here are some historical uses of halesome:

  • 1599   A. Hume Hymnes sig. B4   Na subtile fire, nor hailsome air, to flurish flowres or treis.
  • 1725   A. Ramsay Gentle Shepherd i. i. 1   How halesome is’t to snuff the cawler Air.
  • 1768   A. Ross Fortunate Shepherdess i. 9   Back with the halesome girss in haste she hy’d, An’ tentyly unto the sair apply’d.
  • 1813   J. Hogg Queen’s Wake ii. 177   Yet you are halesome and fair to see.
  • 1887   A. D. Willock Rosetty Ends xii. 88   It formed a halesome lesson to him no’ to prank wi’ blue or red fire for a while again.
  • 1920   T. Floyd Cairntable Rhymes 42   A barmy-heided doctor says It’s halesome an’ its guid.
  • 2007   Aberdeen Press & Jrnl. (Nexis) 27 Oct. 14   Halesome maet bein cast aside at skweel meals.

Why buy

  • It is a short, 8 letter domain
  • It has the sought after dot-com extension.
  • It is easy to remember and say.
  • has one recorded file from 2005, which is a robots.txt file for web crawlers. This means Halesome has a clean history with no spam, which will give new owners a fresh reputation for search engine optimisation.
  • is indexed by Google, this indicates that there is no search indexing penalty on this domain.
  • has 15 years of nameserver history, which means that this is an aged domain. Some speculate that older domains have more search engine optimisation value that a newly registered domain.
  • Namebio shows that domains ending in some have high values, meaning that these types of domains are very desirable.
DomainTools – domain history for halesome
Namebio – values for domains ending in ‘some’.


How be used?

Halesome is a great domain for anything health, fitness and beauty related:

  1. Use Halesome for a Health & Fitness website.
  2. Use Halesome for a Fitness Android or iPhone App.
  3. Use Halesome for a health forum or social media site
  4. Use Halesome for a health publication
  5. Use Halesome for a sports medicine website
  6. Use Halesome for a gym or workout facility website
  7. Use Halesome for a personal trainer website.
  8. Halesome is a great name for supplements and beauty products
  9. Halesome works well for adaptogens and nootropic drugs
  10. Halesome is salient for any health practitioner.

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