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sedo-buynow is available for purchase. Poculent is a rare, but highly useful word that is perfect for the food and beverage industry. The Oxford English Dictionary defines poculent as an adjective that means drinkable; suitable for drinking. Its etymology is derived from the classical Latin pōculentus: drinkable, suitable for drinking.

Some of the historical uses of this word include:

  • 1626 F. Bacon Sylua Syluarum §630 Some of those Herbs, which are not Esculent, are notwithstanding Poculent; As Hops, Broom.
  • 1780 T. Sheridan Gen. Dict. Eng. Lang. II Poculent, fit for drink.
  • 1845 N. P. Willis Dashes at Life with Free Pencil iv. 172 These two ladies are certainly most poculent commodities, and the town drinks their delicious music with unquestionable intoxication.

Why buy

  • It is short, 8 letter domain.
  • It is a dot com domain, the most recognised of all domain extensions.
  • It is a name that can be said on the radio and understood.
  • has 2 records for this domain, one is robots.txt file for search engine crawlers, the other is a redirect page without any information. This shows that the site has never been used for spam (such as adult sites or gambling), meaning that the domain has a fresh reputation. This reputation is important for ranking in search engines.
  • is indexed by, indicating there are no de-indexing penalties harboured against this domain.
  • Poculent has 13 years of whois history and 15 years of nameserver history; it is an aged domain. Some suggest that older domains have more authority in search engine optimisation, meaning they will have an easier time ranking that a domain that has been registered for the first time.
  • According to Google keyword planner, poculent gets 10 to 100 searches per month, which is surprising for rare word.
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What can be used for?

Poculent is a superb site for a new beverage product, or a cafe, beverage stand, or a restaurant. Here are a few ideas along this line:

  1. An online beer, wine, or spirits store
  2. The name of a craft brewery
  3. The name of a craft beer, wine, or spirit product
  4. A beverage review site
  5. A restaurant, pub, or wine bar
  6. An e-commerce site for glassware or other drinkware.
  7. A sports or energy drink
  8. A cocktail bar or cocktail mixing product
  9. A coffee or tea cafe.
  10. In addition, this can be used for an education or information app, playing off ‘a thirst for knowledge’!

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