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The domain is for sale! Acatry is a great domain for hospitality, food and beverage, storage solutions, eCommerce and more. Acatry is also a dictionary word which means A room or place used to store provisions purchased for the king.

More specifically the Oxford English Dictionary defines acatry as the following: (a) Provisions bought in rather than made in the house, esp. meat and fish.  (b) A place of storage of, or staff responsible for, such provisions in a large household, spec. the English royal household.

Here is an example from the book The household below stairs: Acatry 1660-1761:

The acatry was responsible for the reception and storage of meat for the royal tables. In 1660 the establishment of the acatry consisted of a clerk and a sergeant, appointed by royal warrant, and a yeoman of the salt stores, yeomen and grooms, appointed by lord steward’s warrant.

It is believed that acatry and the word catering both derive from the French acheter, which means to buy.

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  • It is a short 6 letter domain
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How can you use

Acatry is a great brandable domain, that also can be used across many industries. Here are a few ideas for this domain:

  1. Use Acatry as a name for a restaurant, cafe, or pub.
  2. Use Acatry as a name for a butcher shop.
  3. Use Acatry as a name for a boutique grocery store.
  4. Use Acatry as a name for a grocery supplier for large chains.
  5. Rebrand your local food store as Acatry.
  6. Create an eCommerce website for specialised foods and beverages.
  7. Use as a social network for chefs and others in the food and beverage industry.
  8. Use as a dining club or network.
  9. Create a catering service on
  10. Use as food or restaurant critic.
  11. Use for a cooking channel on youtube or other social networks.
  12. Use as a name for a food science brand.
  13. Use as a specialised food storage device.
  14. Use as a food storage centre.
  15. Use Acatry as a name for a boutique accommodation, such as a hotel with a fine dining service.
  16. Use Acatry as a highly secured storage facility.
  17. Use Acatry as a cloud service, securing highly sensitive documents online.
  18. Use Acatry as a premium security guard service

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