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Zephyr, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), means of a wind: to blow gently or mildly. In extended use: to move gently or softly in the manner of a breeze; to waft, to drift. More traditionally, zephyr means the west wind, frequently personified; the god of the west wind.

The etymology of zephyr comes from Greek mythology: The god Zephyrus was the personification of the west wind and the bringer of light spring and early summer breezes. It was said that Zephyrus was the most gentle of all the winds; it was known as the fructifying wind and a messenger of the coming of spring. Zephyr, was one of the Anemoi, who were gods of the wind that were each given a cardinal direction (north, east, south, west) from which their respective winds came. These winds were also each associated with various seasons and weather conditions. These winds were the children of the Greek mythological figures, Eos and Astraeus.

Aside from Zephyrus, who symbolised the west wind, the other wind gods included Boreas, of the north wind; Notus, of the south wind, and finally Eurus of the eastern winds. Zephyr has a multiple of designations.

On it’s Wikipedia disambiguation page some of the categories include fiction (including characters), music (including songs and performers), businesses, personal names, computing, aviation, maritime, rail, road vehicles, and sports teams. “Cool Zephyr” is an alternative for “cool breeze”, which is a popular colloquial phrase. “Cool Breeze” was the name of a popular ‘blaxploitation’ movie in the 1970’s and it is also referenced by several songs and musicians.

Finally, ‘Cool Zephyr’ was a phrase used by renown English poets John Milton and Thomas Gray in some of their most famous works:

no more toil of labour than suffic’d To recommend cool zephyr – John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV, 1667 The untaught harmony of spring: While whisp’ring pleasure as they fly, Cool zephyrs thro’ the clear blue sky Their gather’d fragrance fling. – Thomas Gray, Ode on the Spring, 1742

Why buy the domain

  • It is a short domain of 10 characters in length.
  • It is a dotcom, the most recognisable and sought after generic name extension.
  • It is easy to say and recognise online.
  • The site originally was used as poetry from 2000-2002 as recorded on With the exception of this page, there are no further records. This means this site has a clean reputation – there has been no spam, adult sites or any other illicit content to appear on this domain. This is particularly helpful for search engine optimisation. In addition, its synonymous domain,, has been sitting under a domain parking page for several years. This gives whoever buys a better opportunity to rank on the term ‘cool breeze’, as there is very little content and change on the domain
  • According to Google Ads Keyword Planner, “cool breeze” gets up to 100,000 searches per month and “cool zephyr” gets up to 100 searches per month. Both of the terms have low competition, which means that advertising on these terms would be cost-effective.
  • NameBio domain sales show that domains that contain the word ‘cool’ have high sale values, which indicates as long as the domain reputation is not tarnished, it can have high resale value.
  • has 20 years of Whois records and 18 years of nameserver records, according to This is an aged domain. Some speculate that older domains can gain better traction for search engine optimisation that a domain that is newly registered.
  • is indexed by, indicating there is no search penalty by the search engine.
NameBio domain sales that contain Cool
Keyword search volumes for ‘cool breeze’ and ‘cool zephyr’
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What can you use the domain for?

CoolZephyr has a remarkable brand-ability throughout several business verticals. Here are a few business ideas of how to use this domain:

  • Create a beverage – such as health drink, light beer, or organic wine.
  • Pools and pool equipment.
  • Communication software.
  • Beachwear and summer clothing.
  • Hats and caps.
  • Sunglasses and eyewear.
  • Footwear.
  • Windmills and other forms of alternative energy
  • Outdoor furniture – lounges, awnings, umbrellas and the like.
  • Windows and solar glass.
  • Poetry and literature.
  • Maritime products such as sailing boat supplies
  • Kites and kiting supplies
  • Drones and drone equipment
  • Aviation equipment or software
  • An artist’s personal brand.

Before you buy CoolZephyr, please read.

  • It is important that you check trademarks on the in your country and in your field before buying the domain. Here is some help before making the plunge
  • If you are based in the United States, check the sites: and US Government Trademark site.
  • In this case, there is a US trademark in the apparatus lighting classification for ‘Cool Zephyr’, it is best not to operate any business under this vertical.
  • To understand trademark classifications, watch this video. This indicates how different trademarks exist across different verticals or classifications.
  • To understand what ‘trademark bullying‘, read this article. As quoted from the site common feature in trademark bullying (amongst several tactics): – A trademark bully demands that the alternative owners cease with the trademark in significantly different products or services. – A trademark bully declares (wrongly) that it has a monopoly over the mark. – A trademark bully may try to expand its services or products to declare it has a right over other classifications, despite any evidence of this. – A trademark bully may be misguided in their belief that their trademark is too famous, and asserts that other trademarks in different classifications hurt their brand.
Trademark information on ‘Cool Zephyr’


Please note, the owner of ‘’ lives in a jurisdiction where Cool Zephyr is not trademarked for any classification. 

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Tools used for this evaluation may include Majestic SEO, DomCop, Google Ads Keyplanner, SpyFu, Keyword Keg, DomainTools,, and

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