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Honeysome means ‘full of honey or sweetness” as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary.

The domain is available for purchase. This word has been in circulation since 1593 and is still in use. Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines Honeysome as:

  Full of honey or sweetness; honeyed.

Here are some examples the OED quotes:

  • 1593   T. Nashe Christs Teares f. 63v   Marke how sweete and honny-some they are.
  • 1859   Ladies’ Repository Feb. 74/1   Through the somewhat honeysome ‘Life of the Schoolmaster Wuz’, he took the blessed step over into the ‘Invisible Lodge’.
  • 1876   R. D. Blackmore Cripps III. ix. 147   He should rather speak honeysome words.
  • 2011   A. Plotnik Better than Great 128/2   Delicious… Honeysome.

In addition to meaning full of sweetness, honeysome was also a colloquial term for light summer breakfast served in farmhouses during the 1930s. From the Deja Food by Mary-Anne Boermans published in 2017:

Honeysome is a simple summer breakfast that’s ideal for children yet can be enjoyed at any age… Made with the very best four ingredients you are  able to find and served with a tall glass of cold milk, I would even go so far as to call it just about the perfect meal. Serves 1:

  • 1 slice fresh bread, hand cut
  • fresh farmhouse butter
  • wildflower honey
  • vintage farmhouse cheddar, thinly sliced
  • a glass of cold milk, to serve

Spread the bread generously with the butter and drizzle over the honey. Top with think slices of cheese and enjoy with a glass of cold mink.

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How can one use the domain

Honeysome is a positive domain that can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some business and organisational ideas for this domain:

  1. Use Honeysome for an apiary, or to sell honey products online
  2. Use it for a specialised honeymoon travel agency
  3. Sell sweets online or use it for a retail confectionery store
  4. Use for a niche dating website, app, or service.
  5. Use this domain for cafe or restaurant chain.
  6. Create a recipe book for desserts or other sweet foods.
  7. Use it for specialised childcare services
  8. Use to create healthy alternatives to sugar.
  9. Create a specialised gift store.
  10. Create a cosmetic store that specialises in wholesome makeup.
  11. A critique website for desserts and sweets.


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Credits and references:

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