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Below is a preview of with more information about the domain, or buy now on Sedo for $2,000 USD: is a great 2-word domain that signifies both freshness and beauty. It can be used in a variety of ways, for a variety of businesses:

Why buy this domain?

  • It is easy to remember and say; one can easily remember it if it is said on the radio.
  • It is a dotcom domain, the most popular and desired domain name extension
  • The name contains the popular keyword ‘Gorgeous’ which gets between 100,000 and 1,000,000 searches per month according to Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • It “New Gorgeous” is a popular phrase for advertising with over 16,000 google results.
  • Google Ads shows that the competition on this keyword is low.
  • KeywordKeg shows that the Gorgeous keyword value, which is based on cost per click and volume, is $659,540
  • has 19 records between April 19, 2008, and November 16, 2018. It was used as a news aggregator for the term ‘gorgeous’ by news network site Other records include domain holding pages and error pages. This site was not used for spam, which means there shouldn’t be any search engine optimisation penalty when launching a new site on this domain. Please evaluate the history on to see for yourself.
  • ‘Gorgeous’ themed domains have been popular sellers, see a screenshot from below.
  • NewGorgeous is indexed by, indicating there are no penalties to keep the domain out of the search index.
  • NewGorgeous is an aged domain, with 13 years of whois records 14 years of nameserver records. Some suggest that older domains are better for search engine optimisation that newly registered domain.
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What can you use NewGorgeous for?

NewGorgeous is a great name for a beauty and health brand but is not only limited to that marketing vertical. Here are some ideas for the website:

  1. Create a health and beauty website or app
  2. A beauty & makeup review website or youtube channel.
  3. Sell beauty products online with this website
  4. Create an Etsy store with your beauty and health products
  5. A great name for a boutique hair salon
  6. A great name for a beauty spa
  7. A name for a gym or workout facility
  8. A social site for celebrating all ideas of beauty regardless of gender, skin colour, or age.
  9. A personal brand for makeup consulting
  10. A personal brand for a fitness trainer
  11. A name for an e-magazine
  12. A Real Estate Firm or Agent, ‘New Gorgeous’ is often used to describe newly built homes of great quality.
  13. Great for temporary accommodation, such as a ‘New Gorgeous’ Getaway.

As noted previously, was used as a news aggregator around the term ‘gorgeous’. This can be done with many different types of software, but one of the most popular ones is the free and open-source Here you can deploy a website that uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication) that allows users and other websites to access new information with a standardised, easy to read format. The software can extract the latest posts and updates from your favourite sites, as long as RSS is enable – a feature that a majority of modern sites already utilise. If FreshRSS doesn’t work for you, here is a list of alternative RSS website softwares.

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